Upper Safe Levels of Intake For Adults: Vitamins and Minerals



This scholarly article by Judy A. Driskell, Professor of Nutrition and Health Sciences, published by the University of Nebraska/Lincoln, discusses the upper safe levels of vitamins and minerals for adults, including the nature of the adverse effect. I would strongly recommend anyone concocting their own recipe to read this carefully. The USDA DRI interactive site does give upper limits and RDAs, which can be used to cross check the amounts in the Nebraska article.


A good page summarizing nutrition

are these “suggested” replacements for the DRI or the actual numbers? this was published in 2009, the wiki DRI upper limits are based on 1997 numbers.


The USDA has 2010 numbers, in a lengthy guide. They are taking comments for 2015. The reference to upper limits is for a detailed discussion of the adverse effects in a footnoted peer reviewed article. I had assumed the DRI site was based on the current published USDA guidelines for 2010.


Thanks for the link Silvus. Shame it doesn’t mention fibre, cholesterol, Sulphur, Inositol or Omegas. Very helpful nonetheless. Interestingly I found it suggesting a slightly lower RDA for several micronutrients than I had previously entered to my spreadsheet.

Weirdly the safe upper limit it states for Magnesium is lower than the RDA. Upon further investigation (reading the paper cited for that figure) I found the following footnote: 'The UL for magnesium represents intake from pharmacological agents only and does not include intake from food and water.'
So that figure isn’t actually very useful. I have read elsewhere on the net (beware anecdotal evidence!) that 800-1200mg can be safely tolerated: beyond that you risk diarrhea and dizziness. I will be taking 800mg as my UL.


400 mg supplemented mag gives me the ruins, that one seems to be very personal haha


I take the 350 UL for Magnesium from supplements pretty seriously. I ignore the Magnesium in Oats and other whole food ingredients. I used 500 as my arbitrary UL for Magnesium.