URGENT: is soylent safe for dogs?


My roommate left a bag of soylent (the premixed powder, purchased from soylent.me) on his floor. My dog got into it and ate a lot (not sure how much). Should I be worried? Call animal poison control? I’ve googled most of the ingredients with some variation of “safe for dogs” and not come up with any red flags. But I’d love to know more, and definitely don’t recognize most of the ingredients.


Dogs love Soylent. Don’t leave it on the floor!

But the only problem your dog is likely to have is an upset tummy from overeating, since it’s much more concentrated, especially in powder form, than what he or she can usually eat that quickly.

The ingredients are largely rice protein (rice flour with most of the carbs removed), oat flour, and maltodextrin, which is made from starch and is there for the carbs. Most of what’s left is the equivalent of a multi-vitamin & mineral pill. There’s some sucralose, which is Splenda on your grocery shelf, and not toxic to dogs (unlike the xylitol in many sugar-free gums).

It’s okay!


Let me add this caveat: if your dog is subject to bloat, where the stomach distends or distends and twists, then eating a very large meal of any sort can be risky, especially in concert with drinking a lot of water and vigorous activity. Bloat more often affects larger, deep-chested dogs like Great Danes, German Shepherds, Boxers, Labs.

Look here for more information and symptoms. I only bring it up because, depending on how much Soylent your dog ate, it could be a much bigger meal than normal. That doesn’t mean bloat’s inevitable at all–it’s similar to if your dog ate, say, a whole birthday cake. But if your dog could have bloat, it’s very important to get to the vet quickly.

A whole package of Soylent, without the oil, is a bit over 1500 calories. Depending on how much the dog ate, you can probably skip or at least reduce the next dish of dog food!


I think it’s definitely a concern and you should call your vet if he got more than a little bit. Compare to an unopened bag.

Soylent contains a lot of healthy soluble fiber in dry form, both from the oat flour and from other added fiber - these will absorb a lot of water in the dog’s digestive system. The dog may have problems with hydration, and there’s a real fear that the stuff will form dense clumps that may not pass easily.

(This is also why fiber supplements like metamucil contains warnings to make sure to mix with adequate water, and to follow it by drinking lots of water.)

I say, call the vet.

(I would not be concerned if a dog lapped up MIXED soylent, which is already hydrated - this is about a dog licking up lots of powder. It really matters how much he got.)


I agree that calling the vet is a good idea. The vet won’t know what “soylent” is, so explain that your dog had what is basically dry protein shake mix, in which the top three ingredients are maltodextrin, rice protein, and oat flour (the other stuff doesn’t matter–there’s nothing poisonous to dogs in it). I’d say let your dog drink water now, but there’s the concern about bloat. As MentalNomad says, there’s not a lot of concern about prepared Soylent–my dog has had it when I spilled!

A helpful counter to constipation in dogs is canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix, just plain pumpkin–it’s good the other way around, too, for diarrhea).


If it is safe for humans, it is safe for dogs (besides chocolate) but like others have said, your dog might get bloated and perhaps release death farts?


@Tordenskjold there is more on the no-no list than just chocolate. Onions, rasins, hops and a number of other people foods.


I would cite the following ingredients to the vet:

Maltodextrin, Rice Protein, Oat Flour, … Gum Acacia, Xanthan Gum.


Just take the whole ingredient list to the vet…


Hey, twofewfaxes, how is your dog?


Fine. Based on the advice here and my roommate telling me that my dog really hadn’t eaten much of it, I opted to monitor him rather than rush to the vet. Based on my dog’s behavior in subsequent days (hanging around outside my roommate’s door, trying to push himself in once) it is clear that my dog found soylent to be tasty.


Good to hear!

Yep, dogs love it. Then again, they love most people food.


Yep. My cat loves DIY soylent and Soylent. I was going to drink Soylent out of a normal glass, but I was positive my cat would jump up and drink it if it wasn’t in a closed container. I have a bunch of Blender Bottles so I’m just continuing to use those.

I stick my finger in the Soylent and let the cat lick it off my finger. I did the same thing with Pepsi and he seemed to like that exactly as much. That kind of kills the idea that cats know Soylent is better for you. I’m pretty sure Pepsi is pretty low on the nutrition list.