Urine smells like pine tree

Hi I’m on liquid Solent for 80% of meals. My urine is fairly clear but has a pine tree odor. Has anyone experienced or know about this?


Ok, I’ll bite. Do you clean your Soylent shaker with Pine-Sol? Whats the 20% that you don’t mention, retsina? Has your date ever called you a sap?
On a lighter note, I’ve noticed that my coworkers no longer run from the building when the urge for #2 strikes. And there are a few gay “tops” in my building that have started to look at me differently. Should I be worried?

I’ve not heard of it, but maybe Rosa Labs could incorporate this pine-fresh scent into their marketing!

There are foods that have an effect on urine smell for some people, so maybe Soylent is one of those for you.

(While we’re sharing, coffee gives my pee a distinct smell for a few hours afterwards, although I’ve only noticed this in the last three years or so. Growing old is fun!)


This topic is destined for greatness. I can smell it.


Get your blood sugar checked.