Urine test reveals how healthy your diet is

Kind of interesting.

Although the work is at an early stage, it is hoped the test will be able to track patients’ diets and could even be used in weight loss programmes to monitor food intake.

Evidence suggests people inaccurately record their own diets, and under-report unhealthy food while over-reporting fruit and vegetable intake - and that the likelihood of inaccuracies in food diaries increases if a person is overweight or obese.


That’s a very deceptive article title. Unless I’m mistaken, it doesn’t really detect how healthy your diet is, it can determine what you ate & then compare it to a diet consisting of whatever foods they say a healthy diet should consist of.

Reveals? Or perhaps just indicates with certain levels of confidence?

Yeah, basically, but getting people to accurately report what they eat is actually a big problem. If this pans out, it should enable much better nutrition research.


The other day I was trying to find a more objective way to measure the healthiness of a diet that is being accurately reported, using only urine & stool sample tests but I kept getting that news as a result. It was very frustrating.


Oh Ode, how I miss thee

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