US only for now? What's up for Europe?


Hi there,

i would love to order Soylent right now for some month, however the option is only available inside the US. What can i do from Europe / Germany? Should i wait to support Soylent right now? Or what is your idea?

Sandro from Germany

Soylent shipping to Europe (Germany)

From my perspective, Soylent Corp is still a small startup business and would be taking too many risks by offering service to Europe immediately. The organization has extremely limited funds and has no immediately quantifiable market as of yet; thus, baby steps are needed.

Hopefully Soylent will be in Europe and elsewhere internationally soon!


I believe they said that the UK would be next up for delivery and that they anticipated beginning international deliveries by January 2014. I haven’t heard any specific mention of Germany. We are also waiting with bated breath here in Canada and hoping that we, too, will be up for delivery by 2014 at latest. To tell the truth, I suspect much will depend upon how much additional interest and funding they get over the next three weeks of the crowdfunding drive. The company has said they have “something big” in store if funding tops half a million dollars; they already have $340k of that with over three weeks left to run on the funding campaign. I hope they’ll top half a million easily.

Sandro, I’d email them with your concerns – it can’t hurt if they know a lot of people in other countries are eager to buy Soylent.


Personally the scientist in me prefers to build it :slight_smile: But I definitely understand the attraction to having a ready made mix that you can purchase without going through your own build.


@GodRaine I’ll bet there are quite a few of us who wish we had your degree of self-confidence about doing an independent build! Not all of us are scientists nor even techies enough to want to take on an exacting task of that sort. There have sure been plenty of warnings about getting it wrong. :wink:


As long as it’s in the UK/EU getting it to Germany (or in my case Austria) shouldn’t be a problem and won’t be that expensive, getting it from US to EU could be a problem if the package was opened up by customs, I don’t know if you’re allowed to import stuff like that without an extra permission.

So UK next would be very good news for me! :slight_smile: