USDA Food database now on


You can now add items from the USDA Database to your recipes:

It’s not perfect yet and there’s more functionality I want to add here. Let me know if you find any bugs or issues, or if you have any suggestions for improvements.


Awesome! Thanks!
Would it be possible to search this list for certain vitamins or minerals?



Does the import perform the necessary calculations?
I think that’s something you need to implement.

Example -
100 grams of Basil has 2240 mg calcium.
But with your USDA import, it shows as 2240 g calcium.
So my recipe shows a huge influx of several nutrients.


It would be great if your database search could also support results for strawberries and strawberry. heaven forbid the government actually be consistant. not sure how difficult it would be to add to the search algrythm.


Strawberries are in there. The USDA database uses sound science and the results are high quality, you can trust them. Only issues are variables between different crops and places where the items are grown.


Sorry my post was not clear. When I search for ‘strawberry’ on the government website it also shows results for ‘strawberries’.
Soylent database is a little more particular in that a search for ‘strawberry’ will not show results for entries labeled as 'strawberries’
Of course I can search for ‘strawberr’ and get both results.
This would just be a nice to add feature, I love database.

Another suggestion would be to add the release number of the database you imported in the USDA Food Database title so we know when its time for an update (eg Release 26 just came out in November).