Use of preventive "medicine" like CBD or baking soda?

The other day i was plotting about adding CBD and or Bakkingsoda etc… as a extra “preventive” medicin in one of my recepies. What is your appinion about extra addons like these?

What are you trying to prevent?


Baking soda isn’t a preventative medicine, and CBD has more complicated impact than just being generally good for you. Concordance did a good series on the cannabis and cannabinoid research recently.


Many people i know are using these things on a daily basis. The use of sodium bicarbonate to de alcalize the body. The thought of using cbd is a idea sinds my recipe is called
I will read into the cannabinol issues. That for the feedback!

Why do you think that baking soda isnt a product for daily health? Not to only cure but to prevent. I know that the fda not approve it as a medicine anymore. Read for example:

That website is not a trustworthy source of science, it’s a business. The page you linked me is a product sales pitch for an item they’re selling.

Here’s a tip, one way to tell the difference between science sites and business sites is that business sites push Testimonials. These are anecdotes from individuals that are rhetorically effective, and have zero scientific value.


This isn’t really a thing though… That is debunked psudoscience. :slight_smile: you should skim over this. I don’t mind that you believe in something like that… But I would probably argue people shouldn’t buy your product if you started adding proven psudoscience remedies to it… It shows a fondemental misunderstanding of the digestive system, our blood cirulalative system and basic biology. :slight_smile: but it isn’t your fault for not knowing per say… I recall a woman that was spouting that nonsense on Danish television for years in a health show. Ofc many will begin to believe it then… It got to the point where some doctor had to go on the news and debunk her.


Whoa, this is wrong on so many levels. You’ve been terribly misinformed, probably in part by this “Dr Sircus” who is trying to market cheap materials as medicines to make a profit on them.

First of all, sodium bicarbonate only acts as an effective buffer when close to neutral pH to begin with. So it won’t “de-alkalize” any solution with a pH higher than around 8, and of course anything below 7 will become more alkaline due to the basic properties of sodium bicarbonate. When you ingest it, the first acid it will encounter is your stomach acid, which brings us to the next problem:
Your body won’t absorb sodium bicarbonate as bicarbonate. Why? The primary acid in the stomach is hydrochloric acid, which reacts with sodium bicarbonate to produce sodium chloride(table salt, basically) and carbonic acid. Carbonic acid gets neutralized afterwards, making this an effective treatment for heartburn. But then what? When we move onto the intestines, the carbonic acid keeps playing the pH game, while the sodium chloride is absorbed into the body. So aside from treating heartburn(which, by the way, you don’t want to do on a regular basis as reducing the acidity in the stomach can cause some really scary digestive complications), you essentially get the same benefits from consuming sodium bicarbonate as you would consuming salt…and when there’s too much, that can certainly be a bad thing. Salt, of course, will not de-alkalize anything either.

But I have one more problem with your idea:
Why would you want to “de-alkalize” the body in the first place? Every fluid in your body has a distinct pH which must be maintained within a specific range in order for that part of the body to function correctly. Some parts need to be acidic, some alkaline, some neutral. The ideal pH ranges are maintained naturally by the body, which produces buffers when and where they are needed. So why would you want to throw off the pH of the entire body as a whole? I don’t understand.


Wow, I was just wondering if using these items was a good idea. Im looking for that extra value for the stonershaked niche. To add to the recipe. I presume that the bakingsoda is a no go. Thank you very much for all the info!

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Thanks for todays lesson

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Just testing what you guys oppinions would be. Heard a couple tips from customers. Its a specific niche market. Were they expect a little extra recipe. I still want to make quality food and not a drug.

Maybe myrcenes or the fruits they’re found in? Search for it - I can’t speak from personal experience. :innocent:

The idea of a nutritionally complete meal is that there’s no food to add that would make it healthier, so if you want some extra zest you’ll have to turn to drugs like caffeine or CBD. L-Theanine isn’t a bad idea for a stoner meal, theanine is an active ingredient in tea that causes relaxation without being sleepy or lethargic.


On the other hand I bet there’s a market for proven pseudoscience remedies. Loading up a product with a bunch of the non-medicine home remedy type stuff would probably appeal to those people, and Soylent definitely isn’t going after them. The sort of people that don’t care about studies or facts but rather have paranoid conspiracy theories.


I imagine your particular target market would probably like to see CBD in the ingredients, though I think because of the complexity of its composition it might have unintended consequences with regular use as a food additive. It might jack up the price a bit too much as well. Sententia’s idea of using L-Theanine is a good one, if you really want to add something special.


My dog uses CBD. Nothing else to add, just felt like chiming in.

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Expensive dog you have then. Thanks for you valuable comment. The use of cbd and or rhe use of marijuana is a big issue at the moment. You poeple know theres a big shift going on. Many people use it as a preventive medicine. So why not give it a change to consideration?

I’ve exhausted all other options so in my case the price isn’t too harsh. Though the form made for dogs is already pretty reasonable.

Edit: Just a warning to anyone with a sick dog, make sure if you end up trying CBD that it has NO THC in it. Your dog will die. Research this stuff first and get permission from your vet.