Use or "Abuse" of reordering privileges?


I’ve had a few friends interested in Soylent, but are scared off by 4-6 month backlog. Is it considered an “abuse” of privilege for me to order my friends some Soylent via my account? Would one-time be fine, vs them continually reordering through me? I don’t plan on running a Soylent-resale-shop of sorts, I’m fairly evangelical about the idea of spreading Soylent’s philosophies, but I would not like to risk my reordering privileges.

Thanks! Also, I’m just wrapping up the third day of my attempt at two-weeks straight of Soylent!


Ask yourself this, if people who ordered 3 months ago are waiting for ANY amount, how do you feel ethically about allowing your friends a short-cut? If you think that is a legitimate use of the system and the way it’s structured more power to you, but we would certainly be in disagreement.

The line of “would one time be fine” is just an excuse or justification. People who want 2 weeks and ordered 60 days ago might also just want it one time and they are indeed still waiting. So I think you know your answer, but do as you wish, it’s your life, your conscience.

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I think it would be best if you didn’t right now. Reorders seem to be taking up a good portion of the production output now, so you would be contributing to the delay. If you really want them to be able to try it, you could offer some of your own supply as samples. It seems inevitable that you’ll eat out for social obligations every once in a while, which then frees up some Soylent to give away. At least that’s how I’ve done it.


Soylent adopted the “give us more money, get your stuff sooner” ideology early on. It is how their system works, regardless of what others think of it. If you reorder and get a few months extra prior to people who have been waiting in line for over a year, its not your fault, its Rosa Labs’. You shouldn’t feel bad about using the system. The people who created the system have that burden.


How do you think the Ebay suppliers get their supply? I can’t imagine it matters much if you need Soylent for your friends, or for your “friends”. I doubt they would revoke reordering privileges, but then again if they did it would probably affect you much more than someone selling on Ebay that isn’t consuming any. They would just lose a product they sell, while you would potentially lose your food source as well.

As someone who hasn’t received their initial order, people using reorder priority to supply selling to others does delay my own order so personally I’m against it.


I can’t see this happening at a scale that really matters in the greater scheme of things. Once Soylent / Rosa Labs gets their production / shipping to resemble a true consumer delivery system, then these exceptions will no longer happen.

If I weren’t getting my product through a re-shipper (i.e., expensively), I’d be tempted to order extra for those folk locally who want to try it. However, it’s unlikely I’ll get my first order within the next couple of months.



Exactly. In fact, Matt had just posted in another thread that they slowed shipping to ensure reorders were being handled with priority. That alone says a lot for me, they’d rather delay new orders by half a year than delay reorders by a few weeks to a month.


Just because the system allows it doesn’t mean it’s okay. Do you go through life basing all of your moral decisions on if you could get caught or what the consequences would be? If everyone made decisions with those as the sole reasons the world would be a genuinely sad place. if taking advantage of the system hurt Rosa Labs, you could make that argument maybe, i.e. because of Rosa’s poor system I’m getting my orders cheaper, something like that, you vs the company making the mistake. Thats not what this is, what your talking about is, because of Rosa’s system not being setup in an ideal fashion I can obtain an advantage that (and this i the important part) disadvantages an innocent bystander. So don’t kid yourself that it’s Rosa’s Labs fault or burden to bear, you are still making a personal decision to put someone you know at an advantage that is costing others and that is what you need to take into consideration. What kind of world do you want to live in, how do you want to be treated when you are on the other side of this equation, and thats really all there is to it.


I applaud Mushrooshi for soliciting opinions and starting this discussion. Thank you!

My way around the lengthy wait is to order via I ordered Soylent on July 5 (2014) so I won’t be getting it for several months still. I’m currently consuming my second order from axcho, both placed after the official Soylent order.


I can understand that Rosa needs the buying power to expand production, but I do think they need to re-evaluate their fulfillment system. A lot of potential customers are paying inflated prices out of desperation because they don’t want to wait 4+ months to start getting healthy, and that’s all wrong. The only problem is, as long as the demand is greater than the supply then the scalpers will work around any ordering restrictions, and nothing can be done about that. So the current system might have been the smartest play since it reduces overhead in the fulfillment system, helping them fix the supply chain faster.

One thing they’ve proven with the DIY market is that a soylent can be made from a huge diversity of sources. I think they should consider making alternative blends with components that are more available, even if not ideal. Soylent 1.1 and 1.2 could be perhaps a little grittier or whatever, but way easier to get and perhaps a tad cheaper. They could make a whole suite of different recipes to get people going and yet continue to sell out of the flagship product.

Would you pay $50 per week for Rosa Labs People Chow? I would.


Thanks for the responses everyone.

I was asking this because I felt there were fair points on both sides and I wanted a response from Rosa Labs themselves about reordering policies. I was not looking to ask if I could do this and see if I could get away with “gaming the system” or something (especially as my forum account can be traced back to my ordering account and my “reordering privileges” could be easily revoked). Ultimately, it is Rosa Lab’s business model and I wasn’t sure if they wanted the first soylenteers to use their reordering privileges to expose friends to it and would actually encourage this.

Anyways, I’ve learned a lot from this discussion about the process Rosa Labs is making towards increasing production and I appreciate livingparadox and dakota0626’s responses about how much Rosa is prioritizing the reorder folks. In that case, I am willing to let my friends have a taste of my own supply but I will not be buying Soylent on their behalf, unless I learn Rosa Labs encourages the use of reordering privileges for ordering Soylent on friends’ behalf.


I would have found that interesting as well, but I don’t think we’ll see one. If they come out and say it’s fine for you to buy as much as you want to sell to others that would encourage folks to do just that and it would slow down orders for anyone without reorder privilege - it’d take longer to clear the order queue. If they come out and say it’s against their policy they invite “Well, what are you going to do about it?” responses and the answer on that one would seem to be “nothing” - at least directly. Which could also result in more people ordering large quantities to resell and slow things down. Ultimately the scalping issue goes away once the order backlog is gone - who would pay 2-3x the price on Ebay when they can get it quick and from a more trustworthy source ordering direct.

So, their best answer is probably no answer. They know it happens, they probably know some of the people doing it based on large quantities ordered, but the best strategy is to get all orders caught up on and the problem just goes away on its own.


The way I see it: if you do, you’re part of the problem. However, despite still waiting for my day-one backer order, I think it would be reasonable to do it once, so that they can get a sample that’s more than just a taste, and then see if they think it’s worth the months-long wait. But that’s just one person’s opinion.


That’s kind of where I went. I eventually just ordered a week’s supply on eBay (at a significant premium…) to see if sticking it out for the official stuff to get here was worth it or not.


That is trite. “Give us more money”? That is such a childish view of the system that has been put in place. People who ordered a lot will take longer to reorder. That is pretty simple. People who ordered a small amount will need turn around and reorder. People who ordered a small amount were not very committed anyway. So calm down.

Unfortunately, it is hard to control for the assholes that turn around and sell it on eBay.


No. I wouldn’t. People chow is terrible in comparison to Soylent, and it is super easy to make. It would hurt the brand.


Tagging in @JulioMiles or @ana to give an official position on the original post if they have time, just because it would be a good thing to have out there (maybe even added to FAQ?)

In the meantime, while I’m not attached to RL in any real way, at a guess I’d expect a similar answer to what you’ve ended up settling with:
“you potentially could, but we’d really rather people not try that.”


@Mushrooshi - @Tesseract said it better than I could.

We realized long ago that with both our refund and reorder policies people have the opportunity to exploit for their own gain, but have decided to rely on the good will of humans and the personal ethics of our customer base. I think the fact that you asked instead of just doing this is a testament to that and I appreciate your willingness to hold off on ordering for friends until we’ve reached real-time fulfillment! :smiley:


" but have decided to rely on the good will of humans and the personal ethics of our customer base" … oh boy. Just goes to show how naive Rosa Labs was going into this whole thing. Can’t believe that came from the marketing person :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s easier to assume the best of people. If you get that, then life is reasonably pleasant and you can accomplish things. If you don’t get that, then there’s always Plan B.