Using 1 Plastic Cup - Safe?


Would it be feasible to use 1 single plastic cup for all of my meals? I’ve been using a single cup for a day or two, rinsing immediately after (and I washed it with soap just now).

I’m just asking because I know noxious chemicals break down from water bottles when left in hot cars. Could this happen to my cup after using it for, say, a year on end?

EDIT: Shoot me some ideas, too. Should I use a different material for my single cup? Ceramic? Glass?


Environmental concern? I don’t think you’re harming the environment in any way by using a plastic cup. . .
People will tell you it depends on the type of plastic, but mostly the threat from plastic is overblown. You could use a Glasstic container if you wanted to.

It’s a glass water bottle with a removable outer wall of plastic.

Edit: ninja’d… still, I don’t think you have much personal threat from plastic.


Sorry, yeah I took out that bit. Never heard of Glasstic, very interesting! On the other side, would the gradual breakdown of plastic be harmful to me?


I’m not a doctor or a chemist, and I haven’t read all the literature out there, but as I said before, I’m very skeptical of the dangers of using a plastic bottle. I don’t think it’s as bad as the culture of safety hysteria would lead you to believe.


I don’t think you have any cause for concern.

The concern for substances life BPA leaching out of plastic go down over time, as there is less stuff left in the plastic to leach out. BPA, for example, is a plasticizer. It makes the plastic more flexible. That’s why current bottles are more noisy and crinkly no more BPA.

Older plastic gets stiffer as the plasticizers break down or leach out, so if anything, old plastic is probably becoming safer. Over time, the only thing left in the cup will probably be the stuff that doesn’t break down or leach out.


Well that’s a relief! I don’t want to incite a fiery debate here but since you’re responding right now, could I ask you if coffee is good?

I mean of course it’s good, but is it bad over a long period?

Also, could I stave off adenosine recepter buildup if I only used coffee, say, a few times a week? Or would the receptors need more time to shrink in number, say a few cups a month?

I drink it straight, but I would switch to pill form if teeth staining/acidity are avoidable. It may be that I function fine without any coffee on just Soylent, but I haven’t been brave enough to try yet. And man is the research hard to interpret.


I dont know if its bad per se(like causing health issues or maybe it is if we drink three or more cups per day i am not sure though you could verify) , but its bad (if we can call it bad) in the sense that you become dependent on it for your kicks. And the more coffee you drink the more dependant you become, Not just coffee, other stimulants like tea/cigarettes and even depressants like alcohol do the same thing. Same with nootropics.


Long-term longitudinal studies show that coffee is good for you. They don’t actually show that caffeine is good for you, as far as I’ve seen. So as a health benefit, until we know exactly what’s doing it, you may want to drink real bean juice. (Teas are also good for you, and both coffee and tea have caffeine, but there are a ton of other substances in coffee and tea that are likely having positive effects… I suspect that caffeine, itself, in moderate doses, is also having a positive effect, but it’s hard to say how much of the benefit is the caffeine, versus other stuff in the coffee beans/tea leaves.)

Fortunately for me, I love drinking coffee. Also, the staining problem really only happens if you drink your coffee black. Even using a tiny amount of creamer - whether it be dairy or soy creamer or other - pretty much eliminates the staining effect.

I haven’t read into the effects on adenosine receptors, as far as i can recall, so can’t comment there… but I do know that caffeine loading for athletes is well-studied. Caffeine provides less and less of a performance-boosting effect for habitual users, and they would have to resort to a massive dose on competition days to get an effect, which comes with risks of side-effects and adverse impacts on performance. They’ve found, however, that stopping caffeine intake for just 4 days to a week before an event restores all or most of the performance-enhancing effect on event day. So the body seems to rebound in sensitivity to caffeine quite quickly. I don’t know if the mechanism relates to adenosine receptor response.


I use these stainless steel cups and they wash easily, are shatter proof and are just plain awesome :wink:
I always felt like plastic is getting worse with each wash. At least from the looks of it.


No, drinking out of plastic cups kills thousands of people every month.



Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.


… thousands of people, each month? Cite please. None of those nutso health news sites too.

I’m not really concerned about plastic, as long as BPA free, but I wonder if blender ball would fit inside one of those shatterproof glass bottles.


I think he was just attempting to be funny.


I suspect Larry was being facetious.

Clearly, using one cup is safe, even if it’s two girls using it.

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