Using a Dehydrator?


Has anyone else thought to try using a dehydrator to make their own nutritionally complete powdered food? Has anyone tried it?

What could stop one from buying a good dehydrator, researching which foods have the most nutrition, dehydrate those nutritionally rich foods and turn them into powders and using this in a DIY recipe?

You could make powder out of Carrots, Kale, Berries, and other foods then combine it with oil, sucralose (if needed) and cheap protein isolate.

Is this sort of thing possible? Does dehydrating foods remove more than just the water?


It’s doable, with some limitations. A few that come to mind:

  1. Not all dried foods will powder. They can be stringy. Powdering is not trivial.
  2. Drying fresh veggies will cause some of the nutrition to be lost; some vitamins and many phytonutrients degrade on contact with air, and do so more quickly with warmth. The veggies are healthiest for you when fresh. Supplement makers do tricks to get the nutrients to maintain potency in pill form in bottles.
  3. The overall cost per meal will likely go up unless you have super-cheap access to produce - and don’t forget the cost of running the dehydrator, and the cost of all your extra hours spent getting and prepping produce and making powders before you even mix them.

Personally, if I loved dried fruits/veggies and/or trail mix, I might use a dehydrator to make my own… but I’d eat them as-is. And I’d design a DIY soylent to provide all the daily nutrition which is not already in my dried mix, so that I can drink my DIY and chew on my dried fruits and get good nutrition.


Yeah that was my first thought… dehydrated !== powdered.


How in the holy hell would you make dehydrated beer?


Isn’t that yeast? LOL

Says the guy who doesn’t drink the stuff…


The first thing to evaporate would be the alcohol!


Mix it with maltodextrin.