Using a pump for measuring oil is awesome - DIY or Official Vegetarian


Title pretty much sums it up. For an added bonus: I’m still laughing at the thought that someone might mistake it for hand soap and try to wash their hands with it.

Insert Dr. Horrible evil laugh here.


Cool “re-imagining” of the idea. My biggest worry is how long oil will hold up in this container. I like glass but I think somewhat transparent plastic is the best idea. I believe there are issues with oil being in light for too long. Also, are bacteria a problem? I would guess getting two and cleaning one every week would mitigate the bacteria issue.


I would think you’d want to keep your oil in the refrigerator. (That’s actually what I do with my dog’s fish oil supplement, which happens to come in a pump.)


The oil-in-light thing is usually referring to 1 of 2 things:

  1. Light can cause oxidation of oil (occurs with long-term exposure to light)
  2. Light depletes Vitamin K. (This is true, so you shouldn’t rely on oil for your daily dose of Vitamin K.

Some bacteria love oil (oxygen kills them), others can’t survive in it. (Lack of oxygen kills them)