Using baby formula as a base


I was in the supermarket and was looking at a can of “Heinz Gold Starter” and my first though was - i wonder how long it will be before there is a stack of Soylent cans sitting next to the other baby foods. then a random thought occurred to me - whilst it would be a bad idea for an adult to try to live off baby food formula alone, how would it work as a base for a DIY recipe - for one thing you know exactly what’s in it, in great depth. for example:

so i have punched up a recipe idea on diy.soylent, for discussion.

i have not tried doing this yet, and have no idea what it would taste like.

anyway feedback would be appreciated.


I have reworked this idea somewhat, and created a recipe with items that can be purchased in a popular New Zeland supermarket.


There’s a borderline toxic level of manganese and folate that has me concerned - but otherwise, not bad.


After i posted the countdown recipe, i copied it privately and tweaked it a bit, as i had the same concerns, and there were a few holes that needed rounding out. plus i didn’t like the idea of having to grid up peanuts (though i suppose you could just snack on them throughout the day). i ended up with which i made public and i think addresses these issues. there are still some things missing - vitamin K and sulfur are a little low, and it could do with some more fibre. i dropped the second multivitamin in favour of 1 complete centrum, and there are now 4 raw eggs to be blended into the mix, which meant i had to back off on a few carbs and protein elsewhere. not cheap, and definitely not vegan, but you can buy it all in the same brick and mortar shop. i wonder if it is ok to consume 100 g of raw rice flour - i read a thread elsewhere talking about possible problems with raw flour.


@jrowe47 have a look at after my latest mods it is at 92%

I was hoping you might have a suggestion how to get it to 100%, bearing I’m mind that I’d like to only use products that can be bought in a supermarket.

It occurs to me that some of the items listed don’t declare their sulfur content. The eggs do now, but only after adding it to the official numbers, I had to research it elsewhere - found it here


Don’t worry about sulfur, adequate protein intake subsumes the sulfur RDAs. Replace some of the oils with Olive oil to get the correct amount of omega 6s.


Wow you are quick. Thanks:) I will look into it.


Happy to help :smiley: