Using Corn/Potato Starch as a Temporary Carbohydrate Alternative


I can’t get a shipment of maltodextrin for a few weeks, and I’ve been experimenting with alternatives to use until then.

Corn starch provides 90g of raw carbs and 1g of fiber, per 100g serving. This comes out to ~380 calories. I have been targeting my intake to 270g/1080cal of carbohydrates per day.

I am still researching how polysaccharides are broken down and distributed through digestion. As expected, I’ve noticed starch does not want to stay dissolved for very long.

Any thoughts on this, as far as nutrition and short-term sustainability?


Be sure you account for the additional vitamins and minerals in those starches.


The brand of corn starch I have right now provides noted, but mostly negligible amounts of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and selenium. The charts at are very close:
[Cornstarch, 100g][1]

I read about others and their experience with lecithin, do you think this is worth trying to help homogenize the mix with all this starch?


Nutritionally, I believe potato starch (which you mentioned in another thread) is really high GI. I don’t know about corn. That would be my main concern.

That being said, I’ve seen conflicting reports about whether maltodextrin is high GI or not. I think part of the problem may be that there are multiple substances referred to as “maltodextrin”, though I may be wrong.


I am trying barley, quinoa, oats and a pinch of fructose as source of carbs for my soylent.
Thoughts anybody?

I am concerned with using sugars as source of carbs and have insulin spikes every time I consume it… The down side is that shakes do not taste sweet at all, but I am also making as less watery version that fells like porridge or cream soup.


@fhnmor21 Very interesting, you’ll have to keep us updated. :smiley:


@zach As a general rule, consider maltodextrin to be in the high GI category, 75+. Which is right around the same value given to Corn and Potato starches.

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I wrote more about this here, if you’re interested: