Using much less Soylent than expected


So after 4 weeks on Soylent I took a tally of my usage and was surprised to find that I’ve only used 14 pouches.

Granted, I snack and have about 3-4 conventional meals per week, but I’m surprised that I seem to only consume about 1000 kcal of Soylent per day.

I haven’t lost weight and generally feel fine now that the gas has subsided.

At this rate my 8 week initial order will last 4 months, which is great from a financial and convenience standpoint.

Anyone else notice the same?


Somewhat. I find that I’m usually around 2 meals a day of soylent even if I eat it for all three meals. I’ll generally make two “half meals” and a “full meal” and then pour some of the full meal into the half meal so I end up with a half meal and two 3/4 meals. I haven’t been going to the gym for the past few months so I’m trying to cut back my calories. Once I start up again I may go to 2.5 meals or even the full 3 a day.