Using Soylent as a snack or a fast meal every once in a while?

Why does everyone try to use this as a full blown food replacement? Why not not drink one every once in a while if you’re ina rush, instead of getting fast food or something?

Because if it is such good nutrition, it might be better than what they normally eat. Plus, some people (strange souls that they are) don’t really enjoy food and find it an inconvenience. Even for people that enjoy food, sometimes the preparation of the food is an inconvenience. I usually take v2.0 to school where I work, because standing in line for the microwave is a bit problematic when you have 30 min for lunch and a typical frozen dinner takes 4 min to cook.multipled by the number of teachers that want to use the microwaves. And there really isn’t places to get fast food around the school (except for one or two). Leaving work to go to a fast food joint is too much trouble.

Do you eat other food as well?

Yes. Just about every dinner. And on weekends I don’t tend to drink Soylent because I have more time to make breakfast and I am not at school. But week days, I only eat dinner and sometimes after a hard day of teaching I just grab a Soylent. I was on Spring Break recently, and did not often use Soylent over that week, but I did a few times.

It totally depends on what you intend to use it for and what your pain-points around food preparation, etc. are. Some people do use it as a snack, but others really hate food preparation and the cleanup and expense involved.

Very few people actually use Soylent for every meal. I don’t know where that idea comes from, but it’s way inaccurate.

Some people use Soylent for snacking and quick meals, as you suggest. This is usually what I do with my 2.0. Other people use Soylent for regular replacement of only some of their meals, often replacing breakfast or lunch while keeping a more traditional dinner. This is what I usually do with my DIY soylent.


I’m not good at cooking healthy food, so this makes it cheaper and easier to eat healthy. On a “good” week I probably eat over 2/3 Soylent but have at least one good “real” meal a week. (Usually something unhealthy for a night out.)

Why not use it as a full-blown food replacement, and have more traditional food every once in a while, when you’re chilling out?


Everyone does not use it as a full-blown meal replacement. Most people use it as a part-blown meal replacement. I think it’s fine either way. I usually go by what is available in my kitchen. Right now I don’t have Soylent, so I’m not consuming it. I’m sure that isn’t to my benefit, but it’s up to me.


So, I DO use it as every meal. I’m relatively new - it’s only been two months. But I have five Soylents a day. About every 5-6 days it seems there’s some “occasion” (birthday party, snowboarding trip, farewell lunch for someone at work, etc) where I eat real (solid) food, which I usually replace two Soylents with.

A friend tried pitching me on Soylent for a long while. Hated first version I tried. Disliked my first bottle of 2.0 also, but someone gave me a case for free so every once in a while I had another until I realized I really did like it.

I LOVE regular food and will never stop eating it. I had an Italian sub for the first time in two months the other night and it was absolutely delicious - I couldn’t contain myself.

So why Soylent? I’d heard that the guy who invented this has had nothing but Soylent since the company started, and I wondered if he was some stick figure or something and whether that would actually work on someone like me (I weighed 261lbs at the time. 5’11") - could I make it through one whole day with just Soylent and not starve?

That worked, then I tried a week. Then I ordered 144 bottles on a monthly basis.

During two months I’ve lost 17 lbs. That was NOT why I tried Soylent, but each bottle is 400kcal, a known easy quantity. Five of those is all I NEED for the day but less calories than I use even if I don’t exercise at all. Since i started though, I’ve been doing walks each day - 2.5 - 5.0 miles, depending on the day. That’s accelerated the weight loss - but I lose even on stretches where I don’t get to walk.

So, my plan is to get to some goal weight (240lbs and I can skydive), although my real goal is 230. Once I’m around there, I’ll probably start having one solid meal per week - something good that I shouldn’t have, like pizza or a sub.

…but I made a rule that I won’t let Soylent stop me from going out for dinner any time there’s some occasion anyway. Like I said it’s been about 6 times per month, and I still lost that weight.

The main reason though? I like it, I like not trying to figure out what to have each day, I like food not spoiling, I like not being out of food, and I like not looking at my wallet to figure out how much I have left for food this week.

Food is solved for me now. Any “real” food I choose to eat is a magic delicious gift. If anything, it’s made me appreciate real food more.



This is false. He says he dines out several times a week, last I checked.


Cool, thanks for that info. I’m glad I didn’t know it initially though because that led to me trying it for long periods of time. :slight_smile:

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This seems to be the part a lot of critics don’t get. Using Soylent as your main food doesn’t preclude you from going out and having nice meals, and maybe even better meals than you’d otherwise have. After all if you’re losing 2lbs/week it feels way more ok to splurge on that night out!


I do worry a bit that maybe my Soylent diet is worse for me because the non-Soylent parts tend to be fairly unhealthy.

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Yeah, I feel that I haven’t been as diligent in making good choices for my one non-Soylent meal. In fact, there has been some weight gain.

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Gotcha. I definitely lost weight when I started Soylent, but I think that was due to me exercising much more. Soylent helped that happen though, by making it more practical to fit exercise in around work and eating.

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