Using Soylent as coffee creamer

Anyone dabbled with this? I’m not looking reproduce coffiest or make a cold drink. I still have some 2.0 to play with, wondering how just using straight 1.7 powder would be.

Right now I am using cheap sugar free french vanilla powder, I want to try Stevia but I would need a “creamer”.

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I haven’t tried this, but I’ll give it a shot with some 1.7 in my next cup of coffee later today or tomorrow.

It’s actually not to bad as creamer. When we run out of a creamer in the office people default to Soylent.

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Do you mean use 2.0 as a creamer? What about 1.7; mixed or straight powder?

2.0, i don’t think 1.7 would do the trick.

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Ideally 1.7 because that is what Im going to be using exclusively soon. I will experiment.

Can confirm that a little bit of 2.0 makes a really nice coffee creamer. I didn’t measure what I used; just added a few little pours from the bottle until I got a nice colour going in the coffee. Texture is nice and smooth, and it tastes great. I didn’t add sugar or anything – it doesn’t need it. I drink my coffee black, but this is actually pretty darn good. Haven’t tried 1.7 yet.

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I use 2.0 in coffee occasionally, mainly so I don’t have to take in as many calories with milk. I use half the sugar in my coffee when I do so, because the 2.0 imparts some sweetness. It makes the coffee a bit thicker than normal, but that’s fine. I find 2.0 basically tastes like milk, which is what I’ve traditionally used.

I didn’t like the taste of coffiest (tasted burnt to me), so I still prefer to brew my own coffee… and this is a nice compromise.

I’ve tried using 2.0 as coffee creamer and it didn’t work out too well for me, maybe I used too much.

Just tried a bit of mixed 1.7 in my coffee. It’s pretty good; you can definitely taste the distinct 1.7 flavour, which is just fine by me since I like how it tastes. Though I’d say 2.0 makes a better creamer.

Ive tried 2.0 as a creamer…and will say I have been “rinsing out” my blender with about 18 oz. of coffee and a “coffee ice cube” lol…I’m not a fan of scalding hot coffee…so this fits the bill ':wink: not to mention, the friction of the ice helps “clean up” my blender (Nutribulllet) too…and well, being an enclosed/sealed blender vessel, the Soylent cools down the coffee a bit so the blender doesn;t explode on me :slight_smile: