Using Soylent for working out


Sorry if this was been covered before, but I was wondering about trying to use Soylent for working out. I’ve previously tried working out, and made some progress toward gaining muscle, but as many people are aware gaining muscle isn’t just about lifting heavy things, but also giving your body the fuel it needs to building said muscles.

Unfortunately my progress hit a standstill because try as I might, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the nutritional requirements. One of the many reasons I got interested in Soylent is because they simplify this aspect. So I was wondering if what, if any, issues might arise from trying to use Soylent for this purpose? I know Soylent is measured for 2000 calories daily, and if I remember correctly I believe I will need to take somewhere around 2300 daily for the gains I’m wanting, but beyond that I don’t know. Would I still need to take protein powder? I also hear tell it’s recommended when working out to break down your meals into six smaller meals rather than three, so would that still be necessary with Soylent?

On a different but related note, once Soylent takes off will they be releasing different blends for different purposes, such as working out?


They have talked about releasing different blends later, presumably there would be a high protein one for muscle gain.


Soylent should work well for working out. I am personally on a 1600kcal keto DIY and am starting an exercise program today. My goal is weight loss, up until this past week of keto I had been using a 40/20/40 macro mix with a 1600kcal recipe for a week or two and an 1800kcal recipe for about three months prior, and have lost about 25 pounds in that time.

There are a couple of other threads that you my find helpful, here, and here.

@rishkoi, how is your soylent/p90x3 coming along?


If your aim is to gain muscle, I suggest you do supplement with some lean protein (just adding some protein powder to your Soylent should be enough.) Soylent has 114g of protein in a day, and a basic guideline of muscle growth is to eat around as many grams as you want to weigh.

So add a serving or two of protein powder to your Soylent, or just eat a chicken breast right before and after your workouts.


Kennufs; can you comment on whether you feel hungry or tired on such a low calorie diet? Rob reported feeling headache-y when he tried caloric restriction, so I’d love to get your perspective.

Thanks in advance!


tldr, low hunger, great energy.

Hunger has not been an issue, it is typically mild when I do get hungry, but I keep my soylent handy throughout the day. I did have one day last week when I got quite hungry, but I hadn’t taken any soylent with me in anticipation of eating out with friends. There have even been a couple of days that I don’t finish it all, so I try to pace it out and at times eat a little even before I get hungry so I’m sure I’ll finish the days batch. Full disclosure though, I am also not someone who is too bothered by being hungry, and often in my life have been a one meal a day guy. So the constant eating/drinking of soylent all day keeps me less hungry (or sometimes not hungry) than I’ve been accustomed to in the past.

I’m not noticing any fatigue, my energy levels are great. I also started working out this week on Monday (I’ve never had a true exercise program before), and I seem to have ample energy to sustain it. Plus the exercise high gives a nice kick. I’m going to run through the T25 program, then probably give Insanity or one of the p90x programs a try. I also play fairly competitive volleyball 2-3 times a week for 1-3 hours each time.

To put this in perspective, I am about 300 pounds and 36 years old. When I started doing DIY I tried about 2300kcal (as recommended by BMR calc) but was slowly gaining weight, I then changed my recipe to 1800kcal and started losing, the change to 1600kcal was made in the last couple of weeks, hoping to increase weight loss slightly, and I am pleased with it so far. I also just changed to keto last week, I’ll make that recipe public once I get around to writing the notes section. I did have a couple days of very mild headaches starting keto, but as I understand it that was too be expected. I’ve had no other troubles with it and it was a very easy transition.


That’s great to hear- I’m going to be trying DIY Soylent soon (and have ordered official Soylent) and have been thinking of cutting calories to give it a try.

Thank you for writing about your experience and I wish you the best of luck!