Using Soylent to supplement normal meals?


I’m trying to eat more (in terms of caloric intake), and I plan to stick to my regular meals, but would like to supplement Soylent during the day. For example, breakfast (which I don’t have time to really eat), and something in the afternoon between lunch/dinner. It sounds like one serving of the stuff comes in one back, ie 7 days = 7 bags? My question is how long does one mixed/prepared serving last if kept in the fridge? If I could split it over two or three days that would be ideal.


The package will include a measuring scoop so you can measure out one meal or a smaller amount for between lunch/dinner (2nd lunch?) No need to mix up an entire bag if you don’t plan on using it all in one day.


I believe the latest report was “a few days mixed” - you’re probably good with 2 or 3, with a fallback option of only mixing part of a bag at a time, as @sal9000 suggested (although I don’t recall reading about a scoop - was that in a blog post, or here on the forums?)


I don’t have time to look it up, but the scoop was mentioned in one of the updates.



OK, I looked it up. From the Jan 21/14 update:

From our beta program we observed that virtually none of our testers
consumed more than 2000 calories of Soylent daily, and we will be
including a measuring scoop to facilitate preparation of smaller batches
for individuals who have lower caloric requirements or simply prefer to
prepare their meals individually.