Using sugar in People Chow

I was thinking about using regular sugar in People Chow or oat flower based Soylent. This would serve a similar purpose to maltodextrin. Bad idea?

You mean serve a similar purpose as in sweeten? I personally couldn’t handle the taste of the corn and went with an oat based DIY, so I can’t speak to original People Chow, but I don’t think I’d want my oat stuff any sweeter. The oats do a good enough job on their own. You could try adding a small (and I mean small) amount of vanilla extract. It brings out the sweetness of the oat. Refined white sugar is never a good way to go in my opinion, but that’s personal preference and I don’t have any hard science to back it up.

You can use sugar to reduce the maltodextrin, but not to replace it. You’d end up with something much too sweet.

If you don’t want maltodextrin, you can try playing with different starches, instead. A mix of starch and sugar can hit your carb targets without getting too sweet.

Then again, maltodextrin is just starch, partially processed towards becoming sugar, so it’s already partway between starch and sugar.

I was thinking of replacing like 60-90g of the People Chow carbs with sugar.

80 grams is something like 10 tablespoons of sugar.

You can try it and see if it’s too sweet for you.