Using to create a DIY base?


Hi all,

I really want to get my DIY on, but the top recipes in the DIY tool use ingredients that contain artificial sweeteners. I avoid that crap like the plague.

I came across a long time ago as a way to create my own protein powders without artificial sweeteners.

Has anyone figured out a good DIY base using a custom mix from truenutrition?



Lots of the top recipes have no artificial sweeteners. Just not the top top since they require more work than using a pre-mixed protein base from the local supplements shop. Look around a bit more and just avoid the ones forked from Bachelor Chow which uses a protein mix from GNC. Find one that’s appealing, then build as much as you can into’s customizer tool. That will get you 75% of the way there. Then just enter the resulting nutrition info as an ingredient on the DIY site and figure out what you need to complete it. Probably just a daily vitamin, canola oil, and an omega supplement.

Some popular formulations without artificial sweeteners:

It’s not too hard to just go full in DIY though, especially with some of the simpler recipes listed above.


Thanks James! I’ll check those recipes out.

I also asked a question on this thread about the micronutrients in TrueNutrition’s powders just in case you have any info.

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