Using Udo's Oil in soylent?


What do you think about using Udo’s oil as a fat source in soylent?


Claims it comes from algal sources, but that’s the fifth ingredient. Odd.

Color me skeptical. Since it’s a supplement, there’s nothing to keep them for charging up the wazoo for what amounts to cloudy canola oil. That’s why I stick with actual food items that have, as a result, supervision by the FDA.


It says the DHA is from algae, not the entire thing. Seems to be Udo’s Oil is like 8 different oils, and then the DHA from algae is added.

Their website says a local to me Vitamin Shoppe has the DHA version (and several others) at 17oz for 31.49$ (plus shipping) So wazoo it is.


Yea I was kind of skeptical about it too so I figured i’d get others opinions about it. Thanks for the replies!


Personally, I’m a little confused as to the insistence on expensive fish derived oils over cheap plant omegas such as in flax, olive, and canola oils. I’m aware that some of it has to do with DHA/PUFA variants, but I’m unclear to what extent this is actually an issue.

Anyone with links to some good research on the subject?


I think the reason for the fish oils is the omega ratio (which sounds like an X-Men storyline…) is better in that than in other oils, but I honestly don’t know.


What really caught my eye is the 2:1 omega ratio (the DHA didn’t sound to bad either) They had another one that was basically the same, but the omega 3 was plant based and it comes in 32 fl oz. That’s when I realized (silly me) i’d be going through most of it in no time! For that much its a no. So ill just have to find my perfect ratio somewhere else.


Omega-3 is composed of three fatty acids: ALA (from plants) and DHA & EPA (from fish). There is evidence that the DHA/EPA from fish oil (and/or a better ratio of DHA/EPA to omega-6 fatty acids) can improve your health:

The ALA fatty acids from plants (e.g. flaxseed oil) is converted by the body into DHA and EPA, but it’s VERY inefficient: it takes ten times the amount. For example, to get 5g of DHA/EPA, you’d have to consume about 50g of ALA.

DHA from algae sounds like a good solution over just flaxseed oil by itself. And the DHA fatty acids can apparently be converted by the body into EPA.