Using warm water for the carbs


In two different places a read that soaking buchwheat in warm water helps it do its magic and destroy the phytic acid and that hot water helps with gritty texture of masa harina, rehydrating it …

I’m using both as cars so sure enough I boiled some water and threw it with the carbs in a blender and zapped it. Since it was still hot I didn’t want to put the other ingredients in and let it do its thing in the fridge overnight. Voila! I was greeted with soylent jelly in the form of my blender:

It actually taste pretty good, unfortunately it’s hard now to put the rest of the ingredients in, protein, vitamins etc … are they all heat-proof and I can just flashboil them together next time to make nutritious soylent jelly?


You do not want to put the whey in there with boiling water, it will break it down in an unpleasant … whey :smiley:

Interested in your recipe though, why have you chosen buckwheat for your carb?


If I remember correctly, @J_Jeffrey_Bragg was doing a real-food soylent equivalent, and was using buckwheat.
Anyone know what happened to him?


Am I the only one who thinks it kinda looks like cookies and cream ice cream?


I thought the same thing. My local ice cream shop has the best Cookies and Cream and they also serve homemade whipped marshmallow cream! yum.


This is my recipe, I’m constantly playing with it, but I like the base a lot, I’m using buckwheat since oat flour has too much manganese and masa harina too much iron … In general I like using different things to get all sorts of extra nutrients in there that are not tracked …

Cookies are a great idea, I see people adding sugar to their recipe, why not just eat cookies?


Thehigh iron in masa tends to come from the "Enriched "version listed in the USDA database. They only sell unenriched her in the US and therefore it does not have as high of iron as you might think.


I’ve noticed that mixing boiling water into my soylent quickly turns it into an oatmeal like slurry.

Which is perfect for breakfast.


Buckwheat can be a potent allergen for some.



Whey doesn’t break down with heat, it coagulates/thickens. Whey is one of the reasons that proper egg custard thickens as you cook it (the other is the egg yolk). Whey is just separated off from milk; it’s no worse than boiled milk.

It’s still perfectly good to eat though.

What actually happens is that the proteins form a gel; it’s very similar to what happens in an egg when you cook it. The proteins tangle up.

I usually make porridge, whey and other proteins help to thicken the porridge.