USPS Form 1583 for starter kit sent to a reshipper?


This is for people using a reshipping service. I think I’ve seen a few Canadians who were thinking of using one.

What is USPS Form 1583 for? I notice today that the starter kit is being sent out by USPS Priority Mail (rather than the Soylent itself, which is Fedex Ground). I also discovered this USPS Form 1583 “Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent” which, from the way Viabox describe it, needs to be completed and sent to the reshipper before they’re able to take delivery of packages from USPS.

Is this correct? I didn’t realise that a) starter kits were USPS and b) that I had to fill in a form that needs to be signed by “an agent or notary public. If a Notary is not available, an attorney, bank or government official may sign and seal”

I don’t even know anyone like that.

Has anyone got any experience with this? How strict are USPS with such things? Is it a “they may check but it’s unlikely” or a “fill in the form or you don’t get it” type thing?


I believe if you don’t sign it, then you won’t ever get your SK. Basically, you need to authorize your reshipper to receive mail for you.

The first google search should give you more information:


It’s not me signing it that’s the problem, it’s this bit with a notary. I very much doubt I’ll be able to get the form notorised by the time the starter kit arrives.

That’s a bit of a bugger. Something to be aware of for other people using reshippers.

Also, hurrah for the main product being sent by FedEx, who don’t appear to have this ludicrous form.


FWIW I’m re-shipping and not had this problem.


Just checked and for me reshipping form 1583 without notary will do.


USPS Form 1593 is a request from the United States Postal Services. It´s a legal document that the forwarding company need to receive letters from the USPS as your “agent”.

This document is not requested for the forwarding of parcels, but some reshipper will ask it for both letters and parcels as a proof of identity.

I use to be a USAMail1 client a few years ago and they where requesting the 1593 before any parcels to leave their warehouse. Instead of going to a notary, i went to a lawyer office in a local shopping mall. Took only 5 minutes to fill and cost me 15$.

You dońt really need a notary for filling a 1593. What you need is a legal witness that can confirm that the person who sign the 1593 is the same who has is face on the passport/social security card/ driving licence that you send copies of with the 1593.

Now i’m with Over a hundred parcels shipped with them, and i never had to confirm my identity. Opening a new account with a shipper tha doesn’t request the 1593 will probably cost you less than a notary or lawyer.


Isn’t there usually a notary at a bank?


In Canada the word notary has a different meaning. a notary is a lawyer specialised in paperwork for wedding, mortgage, testament.

That reminds me that you can ask for notary services at US ambassy and consulate, but only on appointment.


Some notaries public charge for their services, but if you already do business with a particular bank, you may be able to get one there to help you for free. It’s worth asking around multiple banks and other places.