V1.4 and/or Justin Fuel for sale North Olympic Peninsula


I have 4 unopened boxes, plus two unopened bags of 1.4 and 6 unopened bags of custom body fuel’s Justin Fuel. If you’re interested I’ll cover shipping, unless it’s ridiculous for some reason. If so we can work something out there. So if you want the Justin Fuel it would be: $90-(shipping[say $7.95])=$82.05.
For the 1.4 I’ll do subscription prices, since that what I got 'em for.

If you’re on the Peninsula or Seattle/ seatac area it might be easier to just meet in person. If that’s the case I’ll knock off $10 from 1-2 weeks worth of 1.4 and $25 of all 4 boxes of 1.4 plus the 2 extra. And $5 of the Justin Fuel.

Any takers?


I’ve decided I want to try a ketogenic diet, but not work too hard at it, so I’d also be willing to trade for keto soy or equivalent so long as the trade comes with oils/vitm. packs.