v1.4: tastes like ____?


I just tried my 1.4 Soylent for the first time, and my overwhelming first impression of the flavor is that it tastes like trail mix. I attribute that mainly to the sunflower, flaxseed, and sodium changes.

I generally don’t trust my opinions on taste until after a week, so I’m not saying this is good, bad, or indifferent. What I’m curious about is: Does anyone else think this is an accurate description of the taste?

Anyone who’s experimented with flavors and blind experiments knows that being able to expect a flavor dramatically improves the experience of the taste. I’d like to be able to tell people trying v1.4 that it tastes like “liquid trail mix” or “sunflower seeds” or something with confidence.

Edit: I originally said 1.5, I imagine from getting waaay too little sleep last night.



Powdered pecans 20 char.


straight it tastes like salty oatmeal.

Mixing it in with powdered peanut butter it tastes like flaky pie dough mixed with peanut butter cookie dough. Highly recommended.


I find it has an after taste that reminds me a bit of walnuts.

No big deal, though.


My perception of it’s flavor is in constant flux between “bisquick” and “graham crackers & milk”.


To me v1.4 is like unsweetened melted vanilla ice cream, meaning it’s still far too sweet (and that’s using different types of water) for my liking but I’m okay with it.


I agree it is still too sweet; if it were less sweet, it would make it more accommodating to adding stuff to make savory mixes.


To me it tastes like oatmeal with sugar added, then diluted with skim milk.


Chocolate shake drink. (I find natural soylent to taste bad, but then I dont taste stuff like most people.)


Cardoard. I’m adding more text so I can achieve 20 characters. :slight_smile:


v1.4 tastes better than Viva Recovery Protein Powder.





Drinkable perfection. I liked 1.3 a lot too.




Tastes disgusting and has the texture of snot…I have drank Soylent 1.0 to now and nothing was as good as 1.3…in my opinion, they should have stopped there. Whoever thinks 1.4 is “sweet” needs to get their taste buds checked. I still find myself choking it down everyday but I am not happy about it. It is like drinking bisquick flavored snot…





Dry, unflavoured ramen noodles


Haha, Bisquick is funny. This is my first time trying it (not sure if I’ve let it sit in the fridge long enough) but pancake batter definitely comes to mind. It’s not so off that I couldn’t get it down, but its certainly not like any other power based drink I’ve had before.


Just trying my first glass of 1.4. Yeah, it tastes almost exactly like pancake batter. Bisquick should sue.