V2.0 in Cleveland?

Anyone in Cleveland have an extra box of v2.0 I could purchase?

As part of my job, I work the political conventions. I’m flying out to Cleveland, and am looking to purchase Soylent while I am there.

I then travel to Philadelphia, but my girlfriend is driving up to visit that weekend, and I’ll have her bring up a case for my time there.

I’ve contacted RL, but it seems a hassle. I have to do a one-time order (still unclear if as a new customer or under my normal subscription). And I really want to save that $5.10 that my subscription awards me, which apparently I lose for an additional, one-time order.

I could also order from Amazon, but thought I’d check here second (first was contacting RL).



The effects of tear gas can be alleviated by pouring milk and/or maalox in your eyes.

You could do us all a favor if you would test whether Soylent can be used for this purpose.

Good luck!

Went ahead and ordered from RL Tuesday night. Was delivered to hotel this morning (Thursday).

(Ordered under my normal subscription account, but as a one-time order. Apparently the price will be adjusted to match the subscription price.)

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Give a bottle to Trump.


Make Trump Great Again!

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A follow-up:

So my 12 bottles Soylent arrived at the hotel a day before me. The layout of Cleveland was such that my hotel was in the middle of a cornucopia of free food. The night before I was to fly to Philadelphia, I was chugging down my remaining bottles so that they would not go to waste, but still had one remaining that I gave to a friend.

Based on my Cleveland experience, I told my girlfriend I did not need a full case of Soylent, and asked her to just bring four bottles. Big mistake. In Philadelphia, my hotel was close to the airport, and the only things in walking distance was two other hotels. The rest of the city was a hassle to get to. It was a food desert. Even the closest Wawa involved getting on a freeway first. I finished my four bottles within 24 hours; I could have used 24 bottles.


Please RL - Sell your product in stores. How about a vending machine in all International Airports?

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!