Vanilla flavor change

Has anyone else noticed an change–improvement–in RTD vanilla? I got severely annoyed in December when I was charged for my subscription and it didn’t arrive for close to a month. But when it did finally get here, the taste seemed much more natural and, well, vanilla. It’s led me to think that the delay happened because they were tweaking the formula. If so, notice would have been nice, and not charging my card until the order was filled would have been even nicer, but still, the improved flavor makes it all worth it. I really like the taste now.

Has anyone else noticed a change in the flavor of vanilla or heard anything along the lines of a formula change? I’m sure it’s not my imagination, although it could just be a difference in how the various production facilities make it (so that my “normal” facility couldn’t produce it, so another one had to pick up the slack, causing the delay), which would raise its own set of interesting questions.

Is it less ‘chemical’ now? I cancelled my vanilla sub because of it but would be willing to give it a new shot if it’s actually different

I think it does. I would get a new box to see for yourself before subscribing again; it could just be my taste buds, but I really don’t think so. (And if so, lucky me that things now start tasting better for no reason!) But the chemical thing is a big part of the change. It almost has a powdery vanilla taste now.

I have a subscription for the original powder only, and mine was late as well, almost a month. Then I was charged again in January at the usual date and received another case- on time. I really missed not having Soylent for a month! Now I have a back-up case since I received December’s and January’s orders so close together.

My other half doesn’t care for vanilla at all. I like it, as long as I cut it 50/50 with original. Otherwise it was just way too “loud” for me. But cut in half, it’s quite nice and I haven’t noticed any change to the chemically taste since I started cutting with original on about my second bottle last year.