Vanilla flavor thoughts


Finally got my first vanilla. It’s not bad. It has a definite vanilla flavor to it, much stronger than the Vanilla Café Soylent. It’s sweet, but not as sweet as the strawberry, so I think I’d be OK having it as a meal. The one out of place thing is a bitter aftertaste; it sort of clashes with the vanilla flavor. Long term, that bitterness might end up being a turn off, or it might end up becoming something I barely notice. I’ll decide by the time I finish off my 12 pack.

Overall a nice addition to the line IMHO, although it isn’t as good as the cocoa and isn’t as “neutral so I can have it all the time” as the original.


Vanilla is my favorite bottled flavor: I think I enjoy it more than Coffiest/Cafe Mocha even though I still drink a bottle of Coffiest every morning for the caffeine (and I’ll be trying the powdered version tomorrow).

I always had a fondness for the vanilla flavor in older versions of Soylent powder (slight as it was). Getting a real vanilla flavor was something I expected to enjoy, but it surpassed my expectations; it reminds me of melted vanilla ice cream, except more nutritious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the melted ice cream description is right. I’ve had three bottles now, and like it more reach time; I barely notice the bitterness any more. It’s a great flavor.


Love vanilla so far. Great taste.


Just got my vanilla flavored Soylent from Amazon today. I love Soylent and vanilla flavored drinks. Not so sure I like this though. I have to agree with you on the bitter aftertaste. It lingers in the back of your throat in a bad way. Tastes very artificial. It makes me wonder if this is what it’s suppose to taste like or if I just received a bad batch. It has a very chemical flavor… I really hope these new bottles have nothing to do with it. I ordered two 12 packs. I’ll finish them, but I’m really disappointed. I’ve been waiting for a vanilla flavored Soylent for awhile and I guess I just expected it to be better. I’ll probably stick to the original flavored Soylent after this. Original tastes much better compared to vanilla IMO. Hopefully they’ll improve the vanilla flavor in the future. Until then, I think I’ll just stick to the original.


Vanill still my fave.


WTF SOYLENT!!!?!!?!! I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this flavor for YEARS and now I find out it was released weeks ago? Why no announcement email??? Dangit I’d have been all over this. Gonna order a box right now from Amazon. Nice that there’s a 20% off coupon at the moment too!


OK Vanilla arrived today. Threw a bottle in the freezer and 30 minutes later…

That’s might tasty!

I do see what people are talking about with the aftertaste. It’s there, but I noticed it with Cocoa and Strawberry too, only in Vanilla it bothers me much less. Probably because I just plain love vanilla and this definitely does taste like melted ice cream or a vanilla shake that was left to completely melt. In fact I bet this blended with some ice, would make a fantastic ice cream substitute! Gonna have to try that ASAP.

So consider this yet another flavor that will be going in our subscription order! :slight_smile: