Vanilla Soylent Ice Cream?


Has anyone figured out a way to make something resembling ice cream with the new vanilla Soylent? I just put a bottle in the freezer for almost an hour, shaking it vigorously every 5 to 10 minutes. It came out slightly frozen, but more like a slushie than ice cream. I’m wondering what it would take to turn this into a real ice cream-like treat, ideally without having to do a whole lot to it.

The flavor is good, it’s the texture that is the biggest disappointment at this point. Any ideas?


Well, to make ice cream you stir it as you chill it, not just every 5 or 10 minutes but constantly. Why not pour the soylent into an ice cream maker and let it run?


Cuz I don’t have an ice cream maker. LOL

Yeah that’d probably do the trick… was just hoping to be a little lazier about it. :wink:


OK, ice cream maker appears to be the answer.

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Wow. That looks really good.


Looks amazing! How’s the taste/texture?


Does look great I don’t mind having soylent cream in summers!


Ice cream makers can be fairly cheap, and that’s the only way to get actual “ice-cream-like” texture out of frozen soylent. The trick is to minimize the size of the ice crystals.