Variety in Calories?


When the retail version is ready, will there be a various calorie versions to choose from? I understand that ~2600 calories will be in the male version (and I’m a dude) … but, I’m not in my mid-twenties anymore, so I’m not exactly coming down off of a metabolic furnace anymore. Will the carbs be packed separately so we can moderate that down a bit to 2200 or so?


The first gen shipments will just be a single bag as far as I know so I don’t think you can calorie count very precisely yet. I’m sure down the road a little you’ll be able to buy Soylent mixes for different calorie requirements but the recommendation so far seems to be to trust your body to know when enough is enough for you.


The idea is that you just have less of it. Bonus: it lasts longer, and is cheaper per day.


I’m trying to look up where I read it (maybe someone else can provide the exact source), but I remember either a post here or an article elsewhere directly quoting Julio that there is enough flexibility in the nutrients that you should be good consiming anywhere from 2/3 to a full bag each day – and that generally eating to satiety has worked well for most users calorie-wise.


I suspect you’re referring to Ars Technica’s article. Their writer was struggling to have a “day’s worth” each day; they intervened and told him just have as much as he wanted and to stop focussing on making sure he drank it all.


That might have been it, yeah. I know it was brought up in that article, but I couldn’t actually find the “anywhere from 2/3 to a whole bag” quote with a quick skim earlier, so I wasn’t certain whether it was just a similar reference.


The advice from Rob and Julio to the ARS Technica guy was just to eat what he was comfortable with and use his body’s cravings as a guide, or that’s how I remember it anyway. I haven’t heard an actual recommendation for how much of a bag you should consume a day.


Ah, I found it! It was in the Ars Technica series after all, but it was in part 4 (not part 3 where he initially mentions hearing back), and it was a quote from Rob, not Julio:

No need to worry about not getting enough micros. The included amounts have some breathing room such that even 1/2-2/3 of consumption should be plenty. Just use your body’s built-in mechanisms for hunger and you should feel fine, as it seems you do.

So to go back and confirm an answer to the original post, @ketchlives, that means you could theoretically go all the way down to half a day’s supply (or 1300 calories), and still be alright. So 2200 shouldn’t be any problem at all. This could of course change for the final blend, but I wouldn’t expect it to be by much.