Vegan Amazon Sourcing (Redacted!)


I noticed your excel sheet states “1ug is 40 iu”.
This isn’t true. IU is a fuzzy measurement that differs per substance, and is a measure of “bio-activity”.

The conversion to weight for the things you listed as IU can be found here.


Oh, haha. I had the question mark there back when I was trying to get the right dosage for it, guess I forgot to take it off. It’s gone now.

As for the measurements, I guess I never really looked at that. It was there from the spreadsheet I copied from. Thanks for the heads up!


I have added:

As per Rob’s latest post, and added my own estimated measurements(For myself).

I’ve also added this:

Atop the Flax Oil supplement as per david1 and more research.

It’s definitely not the cheapest version of Soylent! But it’s still much cheaper than what I’m spending currently per month, and theoretically should be MUCH healthier.

Addendum: I’ve also purchased these. I still have’t gotten everything else yet, prolly won’t get to start my Soylent until next week.

I’m also editing Lazy out of my title, there’s a lot more ingredients than I originally intended. xD


Looking forward to hearing about how it tastes etc. I might base my first formula off this.


I’ve updated the first post. I also wanted to note here for those following the thread, I’ve added Olive Oil to my mix in addition to Coconut oil, to get proper doses of both Saturated and Unsaturated fats. Check out the new Spreadsheet to see what I mean!

Also, anyone know who’s spreadsheet I ripped off? I wanna give credit, but I can’t find the original post.


Haha! Well, I can honestly say it tastes absolutely revolting, bad enough that it triggers my gag reflex and I have to suppress it. xD

Like a mixture of hay, oats, and dirt.

There’s definitely no way I can stomach this as it is. As such I’ve modified my recipe. The protein source is now:

And I’ve added this:

Since my previous protein source was supplying the Magnesium.

The spreadsheet has been edited.


Alrighty, new protein should arrive tomorrow. Also, I’ve updated the spreadsheet with the Oat information from this post:

And as a result, the Manganese supplement I needed before has been removed (Hooray! Less things!). Also, the Oat source is now Bob’s Red Mill! :smiley:


Well, I forced down the first cup! It still tastes quite bad, however…

I’ll see how I fare the rest of the day with it. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to stomach it on a day to day basis. I feel good though, that’s for sure! :smiley:


I felt the same way too after my first Soylent (though with another formula), but I actually got used to mine after 4 days, during which it got better and better each time.
By now, I like it. :smiley:

So…just stick with it and see if the same happens for you too?


I’m wondering if the desire/appreciation of taste for soylent is at all mental thing – like your brain going “that felt good - gimme more” heh. Sorta like how Rob talked about men in his family craving tomatos or how people with iron deficiency chew on ice etc.


I’d definitely assume that’s the case. And I expect that may happen to me as well, however first I need to get the recipe to the point where I can actually swallow it without struggling to resist gagging. Haha!

The fact that it doesn’t taste very good doesn’t really bother me, my body however doesn’t seem to agree with that mentality.


Woohoo! Great news.

I’ve gone to taking the Salt, and the Multivitamin separately. Those were apparently the two things remaining things I couldn’t swallow (The multivitamin is very grassy, guess my gag receptors didn’t like that). This has been updated in my ingredients. (You can crush and split this multivitamin with your fingers, so I assume it shouldn’t take away from the absorbability too much)

I’m going to rework the recipe to use the Alive! liquid vitamin that’s all the rage around here so taking the multivitamin separately doesn’t have to be a thing.

I’d also recommend that you use a Chocolate flavored soy protein as opposed to the Vanilla, I feel like that’d be stronger. I couldn’t find any that didn’t contain milk though… I’ll keep looking though, as this vanilla won’t last very many days.

Finally, I would recommend making it the night before you drink it, and letting it refrigerate, then blending it up again before each serving. The bleckness factor seems diminished when cold. Lol


Changes made!

Also added this probiotic:

It should be easily drinkable (And even almost tasty! xP) if you follow the Ingredients tab. :smiley:


Just wanted to say thank you for your work - I’ll be mixing some vegan soylent ASAP.


Thank you for all of your effort! Is anyone using this recipe as a full-time meal replacement? If so, how do you feel?


Finally, I would recommend making it the night before you drink it, and letting it refrigerate, then blending it up again before each serving. The bleckness factor seems diminished when cold. Lol

Isn’t it easier to blend in some icecubes?


It probably would be, yes! However I don’t have the means to make or keep icecubes in my current fridge. xD

And @teej , I’m not using it as a full-time meal replacement. I would be, but my willpower is lacking… Once Rob’s Soylent comes out, I’ll probably switch to that, as the lazyness factor of having it premixed would be a big boost to my initiative. xP


How are things going? Are you still partially on vegan Soylent?

As for lazyness, isn’t it possible to pre-mix all the dry parts for a week or so, saving you a lot of effort?