Vegan Certification

I can see here that Soylent is Vegan certified

What I cannot see is who did the certifying.

A link to the certification authority would be helpful in communicating to my Vegan friends that this product has been through some kind of process.

Note that they just say “vegan” not “vegan certified”. Many companies make vegan products but don’t bother to get them certified by any third parties since that isn’t a requirement for the claim like it is for Kosher, Organic, etc. Typically they either produce their products in a vegan facility or have sufficient changeover cleans between non-vegan products and the vegan product, as well as have statements from their ingredient suppliers guaranteeing that their ingredients are vegan. When Soylent removed the vegan claim from their packaging on 1.9 I wasn’t sure if they had changed an ingredient and become non-vegan. I emailed their support team and they confirmed that it was vegan. See here: Vegan/Plant Based