Vegan keto hopes and dreams


Hello everybody.

I am a freegan (vegan, rather low carb when nobody´s throwing food away, taking only B12 from the vegan society at the moment).
Right now I eat what other people throw out to compensate for being a little poor (and yes, some anti-consumerist ideology also comes into play).

I would like to go vegan keto soylent. Even better would be to not eat at all. Though I´m afraid that´d leave me with an intravenous solution and I´d have to be careful about movement and the needle. I think I´d rather drink badly emulgated powder with water/tea. If only to save on infrastructure.

I’ve only found 2 recipes (and made copies to one day work with)

  • ketogenic-soylent-vegan
  • benelux-keto-vegan

I think I will order DHA/EPA from DEVA (vegan). I used to determine that.

Looks like I’ll be getting all of my fats from coconut oil. I’m still looking into if I can stick to MCT oil.

I hope this is the right place to ask. I hope I tagged it right. Keep in mind I’m asking advice. Not doling it out.

Maybe my first mistake is trying to save cost making my own. Perhaps I should simply pay the 8 euros a day (assuming I fast for the 1 month minus 28 days) for the standard soylent (with the omega 3’s I need bought at DEVA or some place). Shipping it to Europe will be costly too though.


If you’re doing DIY, then using the calculator on is very helpful. Create a new recipe, and add your ingredients to the list. It’ll tell you if you’re over or under on anything, and it makes it a little easier for us to look over :smile: