Vegan Oil Confusion


As a vegan who is interested in using Soylent, I am not planning on buying it with the fish oil. The website says to be sure to replace it with a plant-based oil, but after an hour of searching the forum I have found myself unsure of how to go about this. Based on what I have read, it is as of now either too impractical or expensive to replace it with a substitute with an equivelant nutritional value, so what would be the cheapest, simplest, and most nutritionally effective supplement to use in the mean time?


I plan to stick with Canola oil at this point, even though it may not actually be “nutritionally complete”. I got to try some Udo flaxseed-based oil courtesy of @NoFlames but I’m personally not wild about the taste change it imparts.


The regular oil blend is canola + fish oil, with the latter there mainly for the EPA and DHA forms of omega-3. There’s another post on here somewhere which details the amounts of EPA and DHA provided (may be on the website also).

I think you can supplement with canola + some amount of alternative necessary to achieve the desired amount of EPA and DHA. My understanding is that you can get EPA and/or DHA from an algae supplement - fish don’t produce these themselves, they concentrate it - so you ought to be able to find one that works for this. Alternatively you can just go with Canola and hope (?) that you convert enough of the ALA into EPA/DHA as needed.


If I wanted to just use canola oil, what amount would I have to use each day?


Just use fish oil :wink: I won’t tell anybody


I add about 3.25 Tbls for each 1 bag of Soylent. Since I always mix it a bag/pitcher at a time, that’s the only measurement I really know.


From some quick googling, it seems difficult to find vegan Omega-3 sources that aren’t just ALA (of which, apparently only about 14% is converted) I did find some algae supplements that actually have EPA and DHA. So once I start with Soylent I plan to just take one of those a day along with my fish oil free soylent. Here’s the link for the supplement I found:


Since your body only needs a minor amount of EPA/DHA (and there’s some ongoing debate even with that), a 14% conversion rate from a much larger amount of Omega-3 ALA might be perfectly fine. Not all fish oil is DHA and EPA, even in the supplements themselves.


Yes I would like to know this too. How much canola oil do we add?


I add about 3.25 Tbls. to each full pitcher.


From the research I have been doing, anything you eat is going to make you extremely healthy and also kill you, this is why I hate nutrition, for every “its good” article, there is a “its bad” one… I think I will go with vanclute’s blend with canola oil, since it seems to have the least amount of taste change.


Ok, so, I am looking at flaxseed as my oil. @vanclute I wasn’t sure from your post, but did you actually try it with soylent? I know you said flavoring soylent is really hard to do, so would this help with not getting the unwanted taste from flaxseed oil compared to canola?


I tried some Udo oil that @NoFlames was kind enough to let me have, which I believe is a Flaxseed derivative. I found it did indeed impart a fairly strong flavor, which I wasn’t real crazy about. It wasn’t terrible, but I prefer it “straight” with just canola oil added.

It did seem to indicate however, that Soylent flavoring might go much better with oil-based flavorings.


Udo oil is a Flax oil blend to get the 2:1 ratio, and I believe the 2nd biggest oil ingredient comes from sunflower seeds. It ends up having a very nutty, grainy buttery flavor which I don’t mind especially given the health benefits. I haven’t tasted it in Soylent like @Vanclute but he clearly didn’t like the added flavor. I’m wondering if the flavor isn’t really very compatible with Soylent even if like me you don’t mind the flavor of the oil. I might know as early as this week since I will be getting a single bag of Soylent thanks to Crowdtilt giveaway!


People Chow uses soybean oil – is this not good enough for vegan use? Is there maybe another ingredient contributing fat that gets the omega balance wrong?


Nice, will be waiting to hear how it compares for you. I looked at sunflower and safflower oil, but the omega 6:3 ratio was not comparable to fish oil, so it looks like I better just go straight flax and not know what other things taste like


Use this! It’s a nut based and fish free omega oil blend it’s also available in a DHA blend, I use this in my post workout smoothies and it adds a subtle but pleasant nuttiness. (as long as you don’t have nut allergies)
It’s also available at whole foods and many other places, the only downside is that it requires refrigeration and is only good for a few months but hasn’t been a problem for me considering how often I use it.


Yep that’s the one I tried. I didn’t like the flavor but others might.


Ok I tried Udo oil and compared it to the fish oil blend that comes with Soylent . I added 3 tablespoons of Udu Oil blend which is the high end of what I would normally consume in a day just to see a worst case. It definitely changes the flavor, but it’s subtle to me and not bad at all. The fish oil blend I can’t even detect, although I haven’t tried it without it so can’t be certain. I plan on using both Udu and the fish oil blend but I feel better about using the Udu oil blend, there is more history and experience with this product so I guess I trust it more.


A late reply, but here is the supplement that I’m using: