Vegetable oil-based fat powders


I am trying to follow up on products from the Cognis Cegepal line:

They are described as

Vegetable oil-based fat powders from Cognis, Cegepal TG 186 and Cegepal O3C, are suitable for "clean label" products, as they contain no hydrogenated fat.

Does anyone know where I might be able to order samples or get any more information on these products? As far as I can tell the company was purchased by BASF, and soon after all trace of the product disappeared.


BASF tends to be very opaque to non-customers. Can’t find any info on those products in particular, may be discontinued or at least renamed.

Some people I used to work with dealt with these folks: - some of their other stuff seems relevant to this forum’s interests as well.

Worth noting most powdered fat products are just oil in a maltodextrin suspension. Generally, it’s superfine tapioca maltodextrin for best effect, but there’s a range of cost/quality tradeoff. High-end non-caloric proprietary suspension powders are out there (I suspect that’s what these Cegepal ones were), but they’re awfully expensive and niche-market, and many of them run into the micro-bead problem (if it’s indigestible, it gets into the ecosystem, and usually messes up fish and whatnot, leading to voluntary recall or ban).


Hello, unsynchronized! I am an account manager at BASF in the Human Nutrition division, and please feel free to contact me regarding this product. We are able to provide you with the TG 186 in the US, but the O3C is not available in this region.

My email is holly.symolon at and my phone number is xxx(862)400-6966xxx. (symbols inserted to prevent trolling of my email and phone number).

Apologies for the lack of follow-up on BASF’s part. I hope I can help answer your questions and provide you a sample.


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Thanks for the response, but right now I am not making DIY soylent, and haven’t been for some months. I was looking at the powdered fat as I hoped to adapt the recipe I was using to make it more travel friendly.

As much as I found making DIY helpful, and I can attest that my health and wellbeing went back to its pre-soylent lethargy when I stopped and reverted to “eating normally”, I pretty much had to give it up for “political reasons”. I live in a backpackers, and it is impossible to make it up without attracting attention and having to explain that no, I am not making drugs or anything illegal, I am just preparing food for the week. So I ditched it and went back to eating normally, so as to not appear like an eccentric character from breaking bad who is doing something odd in a backpackers hostel.

I tried Aussie soylent for a while (opening a bag and putting it into a blender bottle is not that hard to do without having to explain the process to anyone watching) but to be honest, I found the Aussie soylent mixture less than appealing, and over priced at $20 a day compared to the $7 I was spending on DIY. I would have continued ordering the @AussieSoylent regardless, as I wanted to take it with me on a long trip, but they can’t meet demand, so that’s not an option either.

I plan to eventually get an apartment once I return from my trip to India at the end of the year, but until then, I will just have to “muggle it up” in the food department.


Awesome! I was going to start a new thread until I saw this…

I’m looking to add fat to my Soylent (inching towards ketosis) and I’d like to find the easiest (powder please!) and most complete option available.

I’m confident my move from 100% muggle food (probably 20% fat) to Soylent and modified Schmoylent (40% fat) over the last 6 months has been a huge benefit to me as an endurance athlete. I’m not so much concerned about weight loss although that seems to be an added bonus. I consume probably 2500-2600kcal/day which is at present about 75% Soylent 1.4 and 25% muggle food (or protein enhanced Schmilk). My thinking is that by replacing those extra 600kcal/day with pure fat (vs moderately high carb muggle food) I can inch towards 55% total fat. I know that’s not ketosis, but I’m dipping my toes in the water so to speak. I may go more radically ketogenic later this summer, but for now I’m just inching towards it.


@GregH Cool - you know, with 55% calories from fat you’re getting into Perfect Health Diet territory. Which is cool, I think the science behind it makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile:


Thanks @axcho, I’ve been reading more by Gary Taubes and Peter Attia and it’s really been an eye opener!
Have you had any luck finding powdered fat options for Super Body Fuel? (Adding the Canola to Schmoylent was one of my least favorite parts of the preparation)


I’ve been in communication with @hsymolon through email. TG 186 is a very nice product with a 16c/70f/14p profile. Unfortunately, they don’t sell to individuals/small businesses. We’re still trying to work out some arrangement.


I’ve looked into it a little - got an initial price quote from CONNOILS, and it’s pretty expensive (more expensive than protein). Still, I’d like to be using powdered oils eventually, like Soylent, and I intend to experiment more with it once things are more settled down with Super Body Fuel. :wink:


There’s always making your own.


Unfortunately none of these powdered oil products are available in Australia