Verbiage — Drink? Eat? Consume? Use?


Relatively new to Soylent (few months). Struggling when I talk about Soylent. Do I eat Soylent? Drink Soylent? Consume? Use? Nothing sounds quite right. It’s liquid, so can’t really say ‘eat’, but it’s more than a drink in my mind (that makes it sound like a sports drink), consume is probably the most apt verb, but doesn’t roll off the tongue, use sounds like it’s a drug. How to the rest of you talk about it?


I say “drink”, or “consume” if I’m talking about a futuristic Soylent with more options than we have at present.


Drink or eat. What do you call it when you “consume” soup, yogurt or other liquid foods?


I usually work around it by saying “have”. “I’m going to have some Soylent.” “I had Soylent today at lunch.” Once in a while if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll say “consume”.

“Eat” sounds wrong, Soylent’s not solid.
“Drink” I avoid only because it conjures ideas that I’m not actually having a meal.

I need a spoon for both soup and yogurt. I’ve never had a yogurt that was liquid enough to not use a spoon. I know there are 100% liquid soups, but I never eat soup that doesn’t have something solid in it.


Generally I say ‘eat’ for soup and yogurt…but that’s because I use utensils…(unless the yogurt is something like ‘yop’ which is designed to be drunk from a bottle)


What do you do with a milkshake?

… also, the thickness of your Soylent might help to determine the verb used.


We just say drink or have. But then we don’t discuss it very often in the real world.




When I’m eating a meal I’m drinking soylent and I see no contradiction in that.


I find myself saying ‘eat’ to reinforce it’s freaking FOOD people :grin:








Someone had to say it…




To convert into chyme, the semifluid mass of partly digested food expelled by the stomach into the duodenum


Osmosis! osmosize :smiley:


CHUG baby20chars…


I say “I’m on Soylent” and often find myself saying “I’ve been on Soylent for years.”