Version 1.4 Shelf LIfe


With oiled powder, will the shelf life of the product be reduced any?


My bag had a one year best-by date (2/16). This is my first batch of Soylent, so I’m not sure how long previous revisions were marked for.


I’ve just got my order of 1.3 a week ago, and it says Expires on Jan./2016. Assuming the guy above me best by date (2/16) is a bag of 1.4. Both 1.3 and 1.4 has a Year Shelf Life in my honest opinion.


The expiration date on the recently shipped 1.4 is 02/2017. So 2 years.

What is the shelf life of the new 1.4 formula?

I’d be surprised if the oil changed anything. Most dry foods have a long shelf life because there is too little water present for mold or bacteria to grow. Adding oil wouldn’t affect that, you really need water.