Very Simple Variation Request end stage Kidney Disease


Please make a variation of Soylent with out Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Gluconate and Potassium iodide. These three changes would render Soylent-K far safer for Kidney Dyalisys pacients. The only other option on the market is Nepro and at $78 for 24 cans you can understand why its despteraly needed


One of the DIY sellers at could probably make such a version. @axcho in particular has been very open to making custom recipe variants.


How critical is the Magnesium Oxide requirement? Would Magnesium Gluconate be better or worse?


Looking at the total daily amount of magnesium at 400 mg in Soylent is the equivalent of 8 cans of Nepro. If you were to drink 8 oz of Soylent the magnesium is about 50 mg, same as a can of Nepro. Potassium would be at 437 mg. There is no added phosphorus. If you were to replace 2 meals a day with Soylent as most people are doing neither magnesium or potassium are a concern. It would also provide about 75 Gm of protein. Magnesium becomes a concern when it is a supplement or taken for constipation by renal patients So IMO and that of my renal dietitian Soylent can be consumed by dialysis patients to replace 2 meals per day. I am encouraging RL to make a formula that can replace all meals for dialysis patients in the future. Oh and don’t forget to take your binder. :smile: