Very Very Simple Soylent



  • dextrose powder (200/g day) you can get 10 Lbs for 24 dollars on amazon
  • whey protein (70 g/day) go with a good brand like Optimum
  • extra virgin olive oil (65 g/day)

that basically replicates the nutritional qualities of Soylent.

multivitamin. figure out whatever multivitamin combo you think is best. I would take 1 or 2 standard multivitamins per day, plus extra Vitamin D, and Vitamin C and 6 Fish Oil capsules and whatever else you think you need.


Drink 5-6 equal servings per day for minimum glucose spikes and maximum absorption. (not that glucose spikes are the end of the world) With this, you would only be consuming about 33-40g of glucose at once, which is less than 1 bagel.

Also you will probably want to add a fiber supplement, I would say 10g/day but I haven’t experimented with it so I don’t know what would be right.

I would also recommend eating meat and/or other natural food at least 1 meal every other day. It seems that consuming actual cells, like animal or plant cells is probably a good idea.


I actually found dextrose powder at my local nutritional shop today, it was only $4 for 2 pounds, so I got to try it out and actually combined the dextrose with peanut butter flavored whey protein and about 14 grams of olive oil, and mixed it with milk. As far as taste, it was surprisingly sweet, and I was surprised that I barely noticed the olive oil. After drinking it about 20 minutes ago, I feel quite satiated.

The only thing this formula is missing, aside from the vitamins which you can get via multivitamin, is fiber, phosphorus, and sodium and potassium.


Dextrose (or Maltodextrin), Whey concentrate, olive oil, a multivitamin, extra D, C, Fish oil, and whatever else you think you need, plus fiber.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you thought it was a revolutionary idea, but…that’s the description for pretty much every DIY Soylent (that doesn’t use oats) on these forums!

The only real differences come from multivitamins being different. Yours lack vitamin d and c plus phosphorus, soudium and potassium; mine lacks mainly molybdenum and potassium, another one lacks something else.

In your list you are also missing chloride, sulfur, choline (that is not usually included in multivits), and possibly magnesium and calcium, as those tend to be very low in most multivits.

I would recommend converting your list into a spreadsheet or something similar with exact numbers of what you need and what you get from your Soylent, to make sure you don’t die from it. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think it was a revolutionary idea. I haven’t looked at too many of them, but the ones I saw, seemed overly complicated with 3 different types of carbohydrates and all kinds of other stuff. Also, chloride is is salt and it seems sulfur is in protein. I have choline but I would rather use that separately like a vitamin. I don’t see any reason for throwing powdered nasty tasting vitamins and supplements in the mix when you can take them as capsules.

I don’t understand why you would use maltodexrin. It has a higher GI than dextrose, and its not nearly as sweet.


What seems overcomplicated to you is people trying to balance a lot of things - macronutrients, micronutrients, digestibility, and flavor to find something that works for them. The problem isn’t that their recipes are overcomplicated - it’s that yours is overly simplistic.


The problem isn’t that their recipes are overcomplicated - it’s that yours is overly simplistic.

Thats why it says in the title: “Very Very Simple”. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The other people posting these spreadsheets are not understanding biology. Do you think that there is some magic “optimal” formula that you need to find? With each added variable, it becomes exponentially more difficult to optimize something. Past a handful you can’t even optimize it, you are just trading off between different outcomes. The idea that you are going to optimize between 30 vitamins and minerals is ridiculous. The only way you could is by testing and there is no possible way you could test all those combinations and collect proper data. You have to do it by feel, test one thing at a time, and mainly, correct deficiencies.

As the founder of Soylent said, the body is very robust. Our ancestors had to survive off of a single food source like berries for a period of months at times. To think that you need or will be able to come up with some optimal single food source is folly.

I’m saying: get the macronutrients right, get the basic RDA for vitamins and minerals and that is Soylent. Problem solved. Its a meal which provides the daily sustenance that you need. That was the original goal of the Soylent project.


What seems overcomplicated to you is people trying to balance a lot of things - macronutrients, micronutrients, digestibility, and flavor to find something that works for them.

Micronutrients don’t need to be “balanced”. I let the multivitamin do the balancing. “Balancing” implies a trade-off between different things. There is no trade off between vitamins. The only thing that needs to be balanced is the percentage of calories you get from each macro-nutrient. “Digestibility” should not even be an issue, at all. You are consuming pure dextrose, protein and fat, there is no digestion needed. And flavor? Well, if you do what I suggested, then that problem is solved as well, since the whey protein is pre-flavored. Companies have already spent millions trying to come up with ways to make whey protein flavorful, so why would you try to reinvent the wheel? Not to mention, Dextrose is sugar, and the drink tastes pretty much like drinking sugar water, so if you did what I suggested, you wouldn’t have a problem with flavor.


This isn’t Youtube, guys. Let’s try to have a discussion without the namecalling and taunts.


Yeah, sorry, just a long day and got a little annoyed when he suggested I didn’t know math. I’m outta this discussion.


Get the macronutrients right then!
With Dextrose only I can work concentrated for half an hour before I crash. :smiley:

a few milligrams more Magnesium than the RDA already give some people diarrhea, Calcium supplements can block the absorption of iron, manganese, magnesium, flouride, phosphorus and zinc, Calcium doesn’t get absorbed without Vitamin D, there are actually 5 different kinds of Vitamin D, Vitamin D requirements depend on the amount of sunshine you get, a number of other Vitamins need fats to be absorbed, …

Wrong, sadly. Try your Soylent for a day or 2 without any fibre and you will see that digestion is still needed. :frowning:
On the plus side, your toilet visits will require absolutely no effort!

Most people do like candy (I love it), but not all like drinking sugar water.
I have about half the maltodextrin in my pre-workout Soylent replaced with dextrose, and the whole thing is already way too sweet for me.


That sounds like a medical problem, although I don’t know what it is. I have heard of hypoglycemia which happens to pre-diabetics where their insulin response is dulled, but it usually takes 4 hours for the hypoglycemia to kick in because their they have low insulin sensitivity, so they have to keep pumping out insulin, until they become hypoglycemic.

Normal people shouldn’t be like that. It sounds like extreme insulin sensitivity (which would be the opposite of diabetes) but I have never heard of that.

^That’s a graph of white bread vs lentils (lentils have an extremely low GI of 20). As you can see, lentils don’t provide some “slow release of energy” they cause a spike just like white bread, and then insulin kicks in to bring it back to baseline. Your body is designed to handle glucose spikes. There was an experiment where they fed rats high glucose diets, and another group, high fructose diets. Only the high fructose diets led to reduced insulin sensitivity.

Now as far as oat powder which seems to be what people are using, assuming its GI is about the same as instant oatmeal (its probably higher), then its GI would be about 85. So its 85 vs 100 for dextrose. Not much difference.

I am adding fiber. It doesn’t take that much and it doesn’t change the flavor.


That was in the context of “No digestion needed” :slight_smile: