Vessels for soylent. beyond the shaker bottle

Does anyone else have a preferred vessel for using soylent at work?

I would use those plastic protein shaker bottles, but they retained the smell and were a pain to clean. After awhile I just dreaded drinking from it. I have since switched to a glass cup, and the drinking experience is so much better. although, a bit more time consuming to prepare and bit trickier. (I would recommend stirring the soylent dry first while adding water, helps remove clumps).

I was wondering if anyone uses something different or interesting to drink soylent from and/or prepare in as well. I am open to ideas. I think the glassware choice is really interest as it can be a way to change up something that is otherwise unchanging.

I use a thermos that holds one liter (two servings). Keeps it nice and cold all day!

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Multiple, multiple threads on this. Always feel free to use the search function if you think your question may have been asked previously. Keeping unrefrigerated Soylent cold is a good starting point. It even has links to another five threads.

Or since you ask particularly about work, you can try Logistics of Soylent at work.

As you can read in the linked thread, my vote goes to the Hydro Flask.

If you can’t wash it right away, just put some water in it and shake it when you are done, it helps tremendously with both of these problems.

edit: if the cup already has a bad smell, fill it halfway with warm water and add about a teaspoon of bleach and shake for 20 seconds, rinse thoroughly.

Somebody should invent ‘plastiglass’. Plastic on the outside and glass on the inside. Or if it already exists then bottles/shakers/ blenders should made from them. It will solve problems like this.

And it will sell like hell. How about RL doing it? Tagging @rob :smile:

Lifefactory bottles.

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I’m super cheap so I just keep mine in one of those glass Starbucks Frappuccino bottles and drink it on the go. It doesn’t keep it cold but I’m drinking it straight out of the fridge as soon as I leave home so it’s not an issue for me. It’s a good breakfast size for me.

If I need to keep it for longer I would think that I’ll keep it in a thermos to keep it cold, but I have access to a fridge during the day so if anything I could just put it in there until I’m read to consume it.

I use a blender instead of stirring or shaking. I find that it really helps it dissolve better. One time I shook it around and to me, it still felt a bit grainy.

Nice to see another glass option. I use Sun’s Tea 18-oz double-wall glass travel mugs. (Also sold on Amazon.) Added benefit of providing some insulation. You can easily shake your Soylent (I frequently just make a single serving in one, blends fine even without a blender ball) and they’re easy to clean with a bottle brush (remember to wash the silicone seal ring in the lid separately).

I meant plastic on the outside (as part of the structure) rather than as as a sleeve. Anyway that seems okay too. I didnt know about it.

I still don’t get what you mean here. The only way to accomplish this is by sleeving a contiguous glass surface.

A bi-layered bottle with the outer layer as plastic and the inner layer as glass. I meant somebody should invent this, if it doesnt already exist.

Clean your shaker bottles as you would normally, then soak with ph-altered water. You can use vinegar or baking soda. Rinse with hot water and the smell should be gone.


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Holy ****, thats exactly the kind of product i was talking about. Thanks for the link. I did not know it existed.

I have found more products that I want to exist, do exist, when I do a thorough search for them on the interwebs. (Not including the not apparently possible, like the magical sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere and turns the carbon into diamonds machine. But things like the Frigoverre pitcher that I wanted to exist and I googled until I found it.)

My wife and I use a bottle that is a sort of cross between a shaker bottle and a blender…
Yes, they are VERY costly, but I had an Amazon gift card that I had won from work, and we had been considering these for a while… (One of my friends is a bodybuilder, and swears by his.)
There is a cheaper model that uses AAA batteries, rather than being rechargable:

Every week, we pre-portion our Soylent, so we can just grab it and go every morning.
Our local grocer was having a sale on Glad plasticware, and I snagged a lot of these little gems:
They hold a single scoop of powder as if they were made for it.
We had both already been keeping pitchers of water in a fridge at our respective offices, so cold water is readily available.

With this setup, we simply make half-servings throughout the day to continually sip on.
(She prefers hers with PB2, or cocoa powder; while I drink mine plain.)

The plastic that the bottles are made of is a hard clear type, and we’ve had absolutely no issues with it retaining any sort of flavor or smell…

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Search? What is search? I would have ‘searched’ what search means, but i dont know what ‘search’ means, so i dont know how to do it.

Just some determined googling often turns up the existence of a product that seems like it should exist. It takes practice, and possibly a knack.

This is my favorite for alternative drinking vessels: A one way drinking bag with screw cap.Would also be perfect for trekking!

Unfortunately those are not for sale to consumers or quite expnesive.

@rob This would be a cool option for soylent packaging in serving-size bags like this: Omits the shaker, and messing around with powder, and cleaning the shaker: Just fill in water, close the screw cap, shake, enjow, throw away the empty pack. And if one still likes to use a shaker: Cut the bag open and pour the powder as usual.

That fits the Soylent philosophy of being efficient quite well.

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googling? what does googling mean?