Vice on Joylent


I did not know he was a former drug dealer. Kudos on the new leaf.

Also, does anybody know off hand what his numbers are compared to Rosa Labs and whether he’s suffering from the same issues as Rosa Labs?


The article mentions he’s bringing in 75k/month in orders, IIRC the last (a while back, may be higher now) mention from Soylent was 10k/day, so 300k/month. He’s not doing to shabby, though I think @axcho must be double that by now. :wink:

From everything I’ve seen here and on Reddit, etc, they’re keeping up with the work load pretty well. I think they just slipped behind a couple of weeks when their mixer went down, but it gave them a chance to upgrade to a more monstrous model.


Ha, I wish! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not doing anywhere close to those numbers. Of course, I haven’t done any marketing or “business development” as he calls it. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind one of those giant mixers though…


From one powder to another! :slight_smile: