Videos of making DIY soylent versions?


There are a few of the DIY recipes that look interesting (especially ones from QuidNYC!), but I’m a bit hesitant to just click on the amazon link, order up all the ingredients, and then hope I can mix them correctly to have a good result. At least early on, it would be great to be able to watch an accompanying video showing the “end to end” creation process, from taking the ingredients as shipped all the way through to creating bottles/bags/whatever that are ready for the next 30 days (or whatever) and finally to actually adding water (and oil and whatever else is needed) for a given meal.

Does this already exist? If so, any pointers? If not, is it something that doesn’t make sense because making a DIY match is simple enough that a video would be silly/pointless?



Its your last suggestion. There isn’t much to it. Almost nothing to show. If you have the ingrediënts in powder-form then you should mix them in the right ratio’s. It works well if you take some larger plastic box and make a batch for 10 days at a time. This makes it very easy to multiply.

Important is that you work with powdered ingrediënts that do not taste too bad.

In this video you can see me starting making a batch for 10 days. It starts at minute 16.00.
This is the recipe I use here:

It was made by the flemmish newsshow ‘Ter Zake’. They made an item about Soylent and came to my humble house in Amsterdam. Language is Dutch. It starts at 11.20.


May not show exactly what u want since i cut it down to a decent viewing time (6 mins instead of 15) DIY with Daniel - Soylent Vlog - Life After Food …:


I know that @chris_bair has done a video.
This is him mixing a week’s worth of People Chow.

I also know that @unsynchronized has made a video, but I can’t find it right now.