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Just wondering if anyone else is looking at Soylent as a way to reduce gut issues, inflammation, weight loss, celiac-sprue enteropathy, eosiniphilic gastroenteritis. I’ve checked into elemental diets, but those usually taste horrible, and probably aren’t as nutritious as Soylent. I’m hoping that drinking Soylent for most of my meals helps me.


Aren’t those basically a fraud?


I’ve never had any specific digestive issues but my gal self-diagnosed leaky gut a few years ago after lots and lots of problems. She managed to mostly eliminate it with supplementation, but she has mentioned that Soylent seems remarkably easy on her system. On Soylent-only days she gets no digestive issues of any kind… no tummy rumblings, etc. But on days where we have conventional meals, she notices her gut seems to work a whole lot harder and she can feel it. I do too actually but since I never had “problems” per se anyway, I don’t much think about it.

So yeah, I suspect there is something to your notion that Soylent could help. Certainly worth a try IMO!


You know, maybe they are. I’ve seen conflicting studies. It seems people with eosiniphilic issues have benefitted, but then I’ve seen some studies at pubmed that suggested amino acid based elemental formulas didn’t help more than intact proteins (from whey/casein I think), so you may be right. I’ve also not seen a study showing the BRAT diet helps (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) even though that seems to be the diet for diarrhea doc’s recommend.


thanks vanclute, I think drinking it slowly over time is probably wise, since there is probably an osmotic effect with soylent, like there is with elemental drinks. Glad your gal is doing well.


There’s another thread about inflammation. (I’m on mobile or I would link it.)

That is one reason I am trying Soylent: I have an autoimmune condition and should really eat better to reduce inflammation.


Here’s the thread that @web_kunoichi mentioned: