Vitamin b6 neurotoxicity


So I’m having trouble finding a decent multivitamin source, Everything seems to want to give me a megadose of B6, I’m seeing lots of conflicting information online about this. The europeans setting the upper intake at 1/4th of the US amount some agency’s at 1/10th the american dose. New zealdna dna sutralia different still.

Anyone looked into this in any depth? For my nootropic stack I was just doing the 50mg daily with no problems but I wasn’t doing that daily either.


Well, it’s a b vitamin, meaning taking too much just flushes money down the toilet. Or so I’ve always heard. I’m using a veggy shake mix called Vega1 that contains 1mg of b6 per serving. As far as I know it’s only available in north america. I mix it with fortified almond milk. This mix gives me 63% of my daily vitamin and mineral needs in 266 calories. I fill in the rest on a day to day basis and keep track with Cron-o-meter .


It took me 2 minutes to figure out what obscure biotech company you were talking about. :smiley:

My multivit contains 2mg, and since I’m European, that’s 143% of the recommendation.
Is all I can say.


Oh, c’mon Schulte – no links, no sources, no citations, just some crappy hearsay “I’m seeing lots of conflicting information online” stuff. You can do better than that! Why post this and title it “neurotoxicity” if you’re not going to back it up with any references? :smile:


Five minutes on pubmed turned up a couple articles like this:

Pubmed is your friend.