Vitamin form, and calcium supplements


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I was just wondering how you guys took your micronutrients. Do you take your vitamin pills whole, or do you crush it up into the powder? i’ve heard that it has a hard time getting absorbed in the body in pill form, what is your thoughts about that?

also, how about calcium? i’ve heard that calcium supplements drastically increases your risk of heartfailure, by as much as 30%, does this apply here as well?

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I use the GNC Mega Men vitamin powder, as a the People Chow-based recipes do (the Maximum Nutrition is generally a better fit than the Sport that people have generally used, and cheaper). I add a D3/K2 capsule, which I open up and dump the powder into the mix.

For Calcium, rather than doing the calcium/magnesium powders, I mix my DIY with milk rather than water. My current recipe is Jake Chow 2.


very interesting, does milk help on the taste as well? do you think it would be possible to use whole milk, and forego oil alltogether or what is your thoughts? i didn’t actually think you would get enough calcium from 500 ml milk, but i will definetely try this.

One thing though. I truly doubt that this is true, but i have been told that milk actually worsened the calcium intake. Before you read further on, i must add that the information was given to me by vegans, so the source is questionable to say the least. The idea is that animal protein actually makes the blood acidic, and the body will herefor, as a countermeasure, release calcium from the bones. After this, you pee it out… I really doubt this, and i do eat all kinds of animal protein (and i do not plan on stopping it), but it’s still nice to get other peoples thoughts on the idea. if so, i would have to change the whey protein as well.

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The “vegan” information you cite may be out-of-date. I’m sure that there’s some disagreement, but Jack Norris at discusses these ideas and finds them less than compelling. He concludes:

“There is no reason to think that vegans are protected from osteoporosis more than other diet groups, and they should strive to meet calcium recommendations. Although it is possible to meet the calcium recommendations by eating greens alone (see chart below), the average vegan probably will not meet recommendations without drinking a glass of fortified drink each day, eating calcium-set tofu, or taking a 250 - 300 mg supplement (in addition to eating an otherwise balanced diet).”

I remember when these ideas were circulating, about twenty years ago. I’ve found to be well-researched and unbiased.


great information, thank you very much. The problem i have, when discussing with the vegans i know is that they are very selective of their information. For example, if i gave them your information, and said that milk wasn’t necessarily bad for, they would actually say (and they did this), that it was propaganda from the dairy industry.

I’m very grateful for your answer, as you show that not every vegan is like this. You seem a lot less biased, which is truly refreshing. Have a great day


I find milk improves the taste and consistency a lot, personally, but that’s an individual value judgment.

Anything regarding blood pH is generally suspect, there’s a lot of pseudoscience out there with relation to that. Short version, phosphorus is kind of anti-calcium, milk has a fair amount of phosphorus, but as long as you aren’t getting a lot of it from other sources (and are getting enough vitamin K), you’re fine.

Whey protein is the best protein for human nutrition. Others are used due to personal preference and/or beliefs, medical reasons, or cost.