Vitamin/Mineral Interactions


I haven’t seen any other significant discussions about this issue, please feel free to direct me to them if I missed them.

Has anyone done any significant research on the interactions between vitamins and minerals? That’s a concern I’ve seen brought up several times in different places, but no one seems to be addressing it. Any thoughts?


It is known that Minerals interact with each other significantly.
Minerals and Vitamins, or Vitamins and Vitamins, I don’t think so. Only if you get malabsorption overall, from lack of fiber or magnesium overdose, see:

Mostly on the topic Iron:

Very good summary of Mineral bioavailability:


Well if you look at the ingredients of something ike Jevity which is liquid food given by syringe into an inserted tube that goes directly into the stomache or part of the intestine (for people in comas etc) , it has a lot of similarities to soylent. I think its all about durface area.

If I have 100% of my calcium in a days worth of soylent in a belnder and 100% of my iron (example) , how much is coming into contact and binding together succesfully?

and once its mized in my stoamche with water and enzymes and acids…and then that chyme enters the duodenum and gets another jolt of pancreatic enzymes and bile…