Vitamin/mineral/macronutrient manufacturers

I have been searching around for manufacturers of powdered vitamins/minerals/macronutrients so I can make my own Soylent. I have been living off of 1.3 for quite a while, but my stock of it is running low and I am allergic to the newer iterations of Soylent. Does anyone know of a good source to order food ready nutrients?

I did find one that seemed great, called Glanbia, but they require you order a minimum of 200kg at a time, but possibly more depending on the order. Once I work something out with them I will report what “the deal” is, as well as the possibility of going in on an order like that with others.



This is tough. There’s basically no cost-effective way for manufacturers to do custom vitamin mixes at a small scale.

I’ve been looking into this myself - I posted about it on /r/soylent here:

I’m planning to get my own custom vitamin mix and also sell it to DIYers on the side, because I’ll have so much. Let me know if you’d be interested.


While a vitamin blend would be nice, far more pressing on the DIY community is a need for dry fats. There’s a lot of “ok” vitamins available to the consumer. Dry fat options are pretty limited. It would make an all-dry DIY recipe so much easier if you could resell some powdered fats.


This is a good thread, and the first three comments all are insightful. A shame that the fourth post was trivial and added nothing to the thread.


My sister works for Glanbia Nutritionals in San Diego California they supply powder for Jamba Juice and Monster energy drinks. I was just looking at the website and I saw this post here while I was talking to her on FB.

I had been checking out how soylent, joylent have been powdering their oils in the mix and found you can use tapioca powder and some salt to soak up the oil (how to mix) it would take some trial and error to figure out quantities needed

i definitely would be interested. 100kg is a lot but it’s better than 200kg. It’s too bad Soylent doesn’t resell their vitamin stock, since oxygen + time will degrade the quality of the vitamins, but I’d be interested to know what formulations you’re considering. I’ll keep looking around too.

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I’ve tried powdering oil by hand. The result is a very poor comparison to professionally powdered oils.


I have tried it with maltodextrin thinking that it would be similar but it was not all that good so I just picked up some tapioca maltodextrin yesterday to tinker around with it. the only reason I even want to try this is because someone else posted about it. I did see a post from Joylent they made this video

Yeah, I like flaxseed in some of my dry recipes, but they’re not always easy to fit in a recipe.

yea walmart had some ground flaxseed in a smaller bottle so I bought some to try in my DIY I can’t find a good ratio for my recipe and its still pretty gritty.

Hmmm, that’s a good point. I haven’t tried using any powdered fats, but I can definitely see there being some unmet demand for them. The main drawback is that they are quite expensive (which is antithetical to the main motivation for DIY) but I guess the fact that you simply can’t buy most of it anywhere makes it worth investigating, at least.

Are you just thinking of using it yourself, or reselling to other people as well? The thing is, you can expect most multivitamin mixes to be about 1g/serving, and $20-200/kg depending on the quality and rarity of the micronutrients you’re using. 100kg means 100,000 servings (100,000 days’ worth, or 273 years) and between $2,000 and $20,000, plus shipping! That’s a lot of money to spend on yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be happy to send you the current formulation I’m considering for Super Body Fuel. Send me a PM with your email address if you’re interested. :wink:

I’d be curious to hear what specific vitamin mix you have in mind for yourself as well.

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Yeah it is quite a lot! Maybe someday I will find a place that does it smaller scale. Until then, I’m in your boat, I’ll hit you up :slight_smile:

The quotes I got were quite reasonable. Not much more expensive than a good quality oil. It added about $0.5/day to my DIY recipe. I’d gladly pay that to not have liquid oil messes. Some oils are powdered with proteins, so that reduces the cost of protein in the recipe.

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Just sent you the spec, @RiskyMrRaccoon. :wink:

Oh, cool! Mind sharing the names of the suppliers you inquired with, and what the prices were for the various powdered oils they quoted?

Sure, I’ll send you a PM.

That’s interesting, I didn’t realize that was possible!

Maybe we could do a mini kickstarter-type thing to divide the burden between a group of people. Everyone pitches in for a share and someone uses the pooled money to order and distribute it?

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Not a bad idea - though as far as the vitamin mix I’ll be placing an order soon, so no need to coordinate ahead of time.