Vitamins and Supplements: Less is More (Jeffrey Tice M.D.)

Interesting lecture from UCSF about studies and trends in the world of supplements


A quick summary for folks who don’t have 1:18 hrs this second to listen to the whole talk? Thanks :slight_smile:


Quick summary: Supplements often look good until you do a randomized test. Then they usually turn out to have no effect or be harmful. He gave a number of examples of supplements that everyone thought were very promising but their promise evaporated on further examination. The closest thing to an exception might be vitamin D, but even it isn’t a big benefit. There are a few exceptions for people with specific ailments like celiac disease.

He specifically discussed vitamins A B C D E and fishoil, making the same points. And he also doesn’t like multivitamins.


Thanks! Will be really interesting to get some multi year randomized tests with *lents …

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