Vite Ramen review

Although this site is mostly about Soylent and DIY versions, I figured that enough people here might be interested that I’ll post my thoughts about Vite Ramen. I got my first packet last week and have tried all three flavors. This is ramen noodle soup with a Soylent-like nutrition profile, 500 calories per meal with a decent fat/protien/carb balance and pretty much 25% of all micronutrients.

First, let’s start with what I think is the best thing about it: The noodles. They’re chewy, they’re hearty, they taste a lot like standard instant ramen but have more substance to them. Can’t say enough good about them.

Next up, the broth: Here Vite isn’t quite so good. The broth isn’t bad at all, but it’s just really bland. Frankly, I couldn’t tell by flavor the “Garlic Pork,” “Soy Sauce Chicken,” and “Vegetarian Mushroom Shio” apart. The broth for all three is vaguely onion/garlic/mushroom flavored. I added salt, which makes it taste a lot better, but it’s still this same bland broth. Maybe the pork broth has a slightly stronger garlic flavor, but the flavors are so close that I’m not even sure about that. What’s good about this bland flavor is that, like plain Soylent, I think I could keep eating it for a long time without getting tired of it. What’s bad is that you don’t try it and say, “Wow that’s great!”

The packaging is fine. It takes longer to make than Soylent, the microwave technique is easiest but still you have to heat it up, then wait for it to cool, then add a bunch of little packets. Frankly I don’t know why you get so many packets; one for the broth base (basically powdered bouillon), one for nutrients (basically powdered multivitamin), one for dehydrated vegetables, one for canola oil. Maybe they were made in different factories, so it was easier for the vite team to keep them separate? Just guessing here. It’s not terrible but every time I make it I find myself thinking “why do I have to open packet after packet of different powders?”

Overall Vite Ramen won’t replace Soylent for me. The ease of grabbing a bottle of Soylent is hard to beat. But Vite is more filling and feels more like a meal. I like what they’re trying for with the flavors, in that they want something that tastes like a meal and not a snack (I’ve complained many times here that Soylent products are often too sweet for my taste). I plan on keeping some Vite around when I’m hungry enough that a bottle of Soylent might not fill me up. Hopefully the Vite team keep working on this, I think with a few tweaks that could get a really fantastic product. I hear that they are working on improving the flavor, so I have high hopes.


I’ve been eating a couple packets of Vite Ramen every week for a couple months now and I think your review is spot on. The noodles are great, it’s nice to have a healthy meal you can chew, but the flavors leave something to be desired and the multitude of packets are a bit annoying.

Over the last couple months I’ve grown to like the flavor, but only after I started adding several spices. I have a garlic/black pepper blend I add quite a bit of, and I also add some msg to bring out that salty savory flavor more.

As far as the multiple packets I believe that is due to the cooking process and the fact that many vitamins/minerals break down with too much heat. The soup base I always add at the start so that the flavor can soak into the noodles while cooking. Then you have to let it cool down after cooking to a temperature that won’t impact your nutrients that you’re adding. I’m not sure how they could get around a separate oil packet, you can’t exactly combine oil and dehydrated veggies or the nutrient powder. The veggies and nutrient powder could probably be combined into a single packet though.

All in all, while it does take a bit longer to make than I’d like, I do enjoy actually eating a meal from time to time that is as healthy as drinking a bottle of Soylent. I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do to improve things in the future.


I was an original Kickstarter backer for these. I more or less agree with your assessment. I find the flavors to be a bit bland, but like I used to do with regular ramen, I just add my own spices to give it a little more flavor. Having said that, they’re reworking the flavors and have already reworked the noodles. They have a blog on their site if you want to check out their updates.


Yeah I checked their blog but the last update was over a year ago (and they’ve only posted two updates, ever) so I figured it probably isn’t the best place for updates. Maybe they update on facebook or something? But I don’t use facebook so I’m going on secondhand information about them.

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It might be backer only updates, now that I think about it.

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Yeah, all their updates (23) have been through their Kickstarter page (I think they might have updates on their Facebook page as well, but I don’t Facebook, except to get points for their rewards program)

Last one was on April 16th, their one year Kickstarter campaign anniversary.

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Thank you for your thoughts. Very interesting!


I didnt particularly like my first taste of this stuff. Too bad, i love the hot flavor of the cheap, low nutrition stuff. I will keep trying.


I took a look at this product but found a few drawbacks as compared to Soylent. It is more expensive, it includes factory farmed animal products, it requires more preparation and cleaning up, and it has a bunch of packaging. I am sure it is healthier than regular instant ramen, which I eat from time to time, but it costs quite a bit more. Would it really be better than instant ramen plus an egg and a couple of vegetables? I couldn’t really see any big advantages.

Still, I would like to give it a try. Could someone post that discount coupon/link again?


I have also given the Vite Ramen a shot, yes the price is considerably more than Soylent especially when you factor in the shipping costs which they do not offer a discount on for subscribers. It was nice to have a hot lunch for a change though and I will probably order it at least once more because I only have one bag left. Probably go for just chicken instead of the variety pack though because the pork one was a little spicy and the vegan one was meh, but I loved the chicken one.


Here is my referral/discount link:

It may be more expensive than Soylent, but I personally view them as pretty different products. Their commonality being they are both ‘nutritionally complete’ meal products.

Vite Ramen is right in line in price with high end instant ramen brands ($3 - $6 range), but these are ‘nutritionally complete’. And on top of these having 25% of your RDA for essential nutrients/vitamins, they don’t have ~80% of your sodium RDA per serving like regular instant ramen. I’m the opposite of an expert when it comes to this stuff, but those seem to be some of the big differences between instant ramen and Vite Ramen.

These are all valid concerns (not implying that everything else you said wasn’t valid), but I think they are more of a YMMV situation from person to person.


Thanks for your comments.


I love the spice of the pork one! Pork is my favorite.

After only having the pork one for a couple weeks in a row, I switched back to the chicken one and it was a much welcomed change in my routine. Chicken is a close second for me.

I still have not had any of the Vegan Mushroom packets that came with my backer kit. As someone who does not like the flavor of cooked / sautéed mushrooms at all (I don’t mind raw mushrooms…), do you think I will be able to tolerate the mushroom one?

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I think so. I don’t like mushrooms very much either. To me all three taste just about the same, so close I wonder if maybe I got the wrong flavor packets! So I think you’ll be OK with the mushroom ones.

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Yeah, pork and chicken are pretty close, but I use so little water all the broth disappears after mixing and sitting a bit and the individual flavors stand out more.

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Thanks to BRM for posting that link, but the shipping charges for this product are way out of line. Something like $12 for 10 packages of ramen. Maybe I’ll try it someday if I see it in a store.

They were paying half the shipping cost up until this month (my shipping went from a little over $4 to a little over $8). :frowning:

I’ve emailed their customer support two separate times about some questions I had and both times I was responded to almost immediately by one of the co-founder twins, including multiple replies in each instance (maybe because I was a backer, I dunno). Anyways, the last time I emailed them it was over a different topic (I was using my rewards points for a free 9-pack and I picked the wrong one) but I threw in a question about the shipping price as an aside in one of my replies. Here is my question and their response:

*edited for clarity since the email quotes are out of context due to only being a small portion of the emails

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Thanks for providing that information. I wish them luck in bringing down their shipping costs. When they do I will be happy to give them a try.

This reminds me of a story from the history of John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil. Apparently Standard Oil put pressure on the railroads to secretly charge them less since they were such a big customer. This helped them to drive their competitors out of business, or get them to sell their businesses to Standard Oil.