Volume and scoop size (1.4)


I’m just through the first couple of weeks of consuming Soylent and enjoying it so far, but I’m realizing now that I’m getting through the box more quickly than expected.

According to the instructions and volume of the pitcher, each calorie of mixed Soylent should be 1 cm3, or 1 ml of mixed Soylent. My scoop says “250 calories” on it, which is consistent with the “new” 1.4 scoop, as I understand it, such that a 500-calorie serving is prepared with two scoops of Soylent and four scoops of water. My goal is to mix up a 750 ml container (about 25 fl. oz.) each day to consume throughout the day, but when trying to do this using the recommended three scoops plus six of water, it doesn’t fit. Each scoop is 112 cm3 or 112 ml of water, which adds up to a total volume of 336 cm3 per scoop of Soylent, much more than the anticipated 250 cm3. Any ideas? Should I just give up on the scoop and measure it out with a scale?


Unless you’re consuming it extremely slowly, the best bet is to just mix up an entire pitcher at a time, and don’t bother with scoops or measurements at all. Then you just pour however much you want to consume, and it’s simple. :slight_smile:


And if an entire pitcher is too much, just mix half a pitcher. I understand that gives you 32 ounces instead of 25 ounces, but easy enough to just drink the extra 7 ounces after filling your 750ml container.


About 75% of the dry powder is absorbed by the water. 2 scoops of water and 1 scoop of powder results in about 250 ml prepared volume (112 * 2.25 = 252 ml).


Thanks. That makes sense. I guess I just have to mix it in a different container.